Born Day Salute to the late Avenging Wind aka Fathom 9 [Check out his Music Online]

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Emcee, Poet, Singer, Producer, Actor, and Educator are but some of the disciplines of Avenging Wind (also known as Fathom 9). Hailing from the Blues City – Memphis, TN; Avenging Wind is no rookie when it comes to performing live. Opening for legends such as: KRS-One, underground legend El da Sensei, and Sadat X (of Brand Nubian), clearly says it all.

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#repost: Stop Falling for & regurgitating the lives of Capitalism & the Capitalist by Diallo Kenyatta @diallokenyatta #brodiallo #think #capitlism #AfricanWorldCoalition #knowledge #research

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All these stupid people saying that Inflation is the result of giving struggling people free money during the Pandemic, please explain why there was no runaway inflation when trillions of free money was given to Multinational Corporations?

The trillions given to banks after their fraudulent practices collapsed tbe housing market, the trillions given to the auto industry after decades of mismanagement, the trillions given to address the Savings & Loan collapse after decades of criminal actions! Hell, we can go back over 100 years & look at the trillions given to railroad, oil, & shipping barons!

They been running this “giving to the poor causes catastrophe” but “giving to the rich leads to prosperity” scam since the founding of the US & y’all still falling for the bullshit!

The Federal Reserve is constantly giving “free money” to the elite parasites & their companies, but wanna pretend that Inflation & other economic ills are driven by giving money back to only the people who generate wealth: The Working Classes!

Stop falling for & regurgitating the lives of Capitalism & the Capitalist.

NoWarButClassWar #ClassCon
WarProfiteering #DisasterCapitalism #ProfitIsTheft #PriceGouging #CorporareGreed #ArtificialScarcity
CapitalismIsTheProblem #Kleptocracy #SocialismSaves

Godmother of Black Art: In Memory of Artist Samella Lewis February 27, 1923-May 27, 2022 by Unity Lewis #blackart #samellalewis #unitylewis #art @UnityakaYP

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Thank you to all who have checked in on me and sent condolences regarding the passing of my Grandmother Samella Lewis. I appreciate all of the love and support. Our family had been preparing for this inevitability, but still It’s saddening not to have her here with us in the physical form. She will be missed immensely. My heart is with all of those effected by her transition. We know though that she is happy to be free, and we are grateful for her blessing us with life and for sharing her life with us and all of the other people she has impacted during her stay here. Her spirit and teachings carry on and her legacy continues through all of us. Much love

#repost: Samella Lewis was an American visual artist and art historian. She has been called the “Godmother of African American Art”.

She was the first female African American to earn a doctorate in fine art and art history. Her work included creating art, teaching, and was one of the founders of the Museum of African-American Art in Los Angeles to name a few. Her Legacy Will Live On.

I was honored to capture some moments of Ms. Lewis with family and other artists. (These are Just a FEW photos) by Renata Gray

Respect and Condolences to Unity Lewis and Family on the Passing of his Grandmother Great Artist Samella Lewis

#repost: No Reasoning with Racist by Diallo Kenyatta @diallokenyatta #brodiallo #think #AfricanWorldCoalition #knowledge #research

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Racist are irrational, they cannot be reasoned with.

Racist must be psychically separated from the tools, infrastructure, and instruments of power and aggression; by force.

Their separation from power and the instruments of aggression must be sustained by force, permanently.

There is no evidence that Racist can be cured, they can only be trained or cohered in hiding their pathological aggression, so the victims and targets of Racist Aggression must be eternally vigilant; they must educate, train, equip, and motivate generation after generation to stand in unyielding opposition to Racist.

Racist span the entire political, cultural, and economic spectrum; they can be conservative, liberal, atheist, religious, vegan, socialist, capitalist, etc; they can even have non-White spouses, even embrace non-European cultures, they have a wide range of characteristics, but one fundamental position: White must dominate, at any cost, forever.

This position is so ingrained, so normal that many Racist are obvious to it, many Racist they don’t even know they hold to this position (until it’s tested or threatened), many can’t even articulate it, but they all work to sustain the Status Quo, the World Racial Hierarchy.

It is not the responsibility of the targets and victims of Racist Aggression to educate Racist, to reform Racist, or tolerate Racist; it is our responsibility to defeat, neutralize, and render Racist incapable of acting on their Pathological Drive to Dominate, Exploit, and Harm others.

Every Black Community, Organization, and Nation should have a log of Registered Race Aggressors, or Registers Race Offenders; when a Racist is identified and confirmed, the threat level must be assessed and a plan of action needs to be constructed and executed.

A Racist can be an individual, but more importantly an Institutions can be Racist if it is Governed, Directed, or staffed by Racist, if an organisation or Institution is deemed Racist then the community must capture (fully take over), destroy, expel (from the community), or render that organization/institution/bureaucracy dysfunctional (expose, obstruct, & hinder at every opportunity).

If a Racist institution is too powerful or embedded in our communities, the community must embark on the work to erect a counter institution even if it takes a generation or more.

We also need to pay more attention to Racist agendas, Racist policies, and Racist protocols, and less attention to Racist rhetoric and symbols; we too often expend too much resources, time, and energy fighting the latter while ignoring the former.

We have become very efficient at driving Racist underground, but we’ve failed to recognize that they are more effective underground, and we seldom if ever pursue them underground.

Finally, we must understand Racism is not our problem, it is a pathology of Whites (and some other groups), our problem is our vulnerability to Racist, or refusal to construct a rational and systematic agenda to defeat Racist.




Underground Feed Back Stereo: Brothers Perspective Magazine – Personal Opinion Database – I’m New To This, But I’m True To This Part 2 with Mordecai The Foul #personalopiniondatabase #africanart #undergroundfeedbackstereo #podcast

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Underground Feed Back Stereo – Brothers Perspective Magazine – Personal Opinion Database – I’m New To This, But I’m True To This Part 2 with Mordecai The Foul

Randomly recorded show featuring the exploits of Mordecai the Foul, as he tells us about some of his most interesting journeys and discoveries as a recording artist in the Meta World in this are you New to this but i’m true to this discussion. Mordecai randomly speaks about some of his experience off the top of his dome, unscripted and as random as he details it. #mordecaithefoul #memphis #hiphop #blackart #redlining #maumau #PersonalOpinionDataBase #protest #beats #samples #funk #undergroundfeedbackstereo #brothersperspectivemagazine #african  feat. art by

Artist: Brianna Marie – @Artbybrix3 // Painter, Creative, Licensed Tattoo Artist #artbybrix #art

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Brianna MarieArtbybrix // Painter, Creative, Licensed Tattoo Artist
IG i make cool ISH

// IG: @artbybrix3 // // Painter, Creative, Licensed Tattoo Artist

Condolences: Dj Kay Slay aka Keith Grayson (August 14, 1966 – April 17, 2022) #djkayslay #RIP #thedramaking #dez

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Condolences to Dj Kay Slay aka Dezzy Dez born Keith Grayson (August 14, 1966 – April 17, 2022), professionally known as DJ Kay Slay, was an American disc jockey (DJ) and record executive from New York. Keith Grayson was born August 14, 1966 in New York City, New York. Grayson was originally a prominent graffiti artist, having been featured in the 1983 hip hop documentary, Style Wars. One of Grayson’s better known tags was “Dez”. As a youth involved in New York’s flourishing hip-hop scene, Keith witnessed firsthand the ascent of legendary disc jockeys such as Grandmaster Flash, Grand Wizzard Theodore and Kool DJ Red Alert, in the late 1970’s and into the 1980’s. “I didn’t so much set out to be a DJ,” he said. “It was just something to do that was fun and that I enjoyed doing.” With the decline of the graffiti movement in the late 1980’s, Dez began dealing with narcotics and consequently ended up in jail by the late 1980’s. Grayson was released from jail in 1990, and claims to have abstained from using drugs ever since. He is from East River Projects located in East Harlem, New York.

Fatboi Sharif & LoneSword – Cyber City Society @fatboisharif @lonesword #fatboisharif #music

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released March 2, 2022
Lyrics by: Fatboi Sharif
Produced by: LoneSword
Mixing and Mastering by: Wavy Bagels
Artwork by: Shane Ingersoll
Recorded by: LoneSword

Underground Feed Back Stereo: Brothers Perspective Magazine – Personal Opinion Database – What If Black People Stop Working for This System Part 1 #busboycott #strike #blackpeople #union #workers #spotify #overcast #podcast #digitalradio

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Underground Feed Back Stereo – Brothers Perspective Magazine – Personal Opinion Database – What If Black People Stop Working for This System Part 1

Think about life in the sense of a boycott, a strike, giving up on the people who personally neglect you from peace of mind. Think of life from the viewpoint of the Civil Rights Movement during the Montgomery Bus Boycott in Alabama from December 5, 1955 to December 20th, 1956 think about the strain this placed on a racially biased economy where Black Folks are treated unequally but pay the same amount or more in taxes and red lined predatory loans. Think about how this affected the economy during a time when Black People were treated like they were subhuman, be mindful of the ongoing disrespect and out right disregard of Black Lives in the now while being reminded that Jim Crow laws were part of the actual laws. Imagine the 1,300 Black sanitation workers in Memphis, TN who led a strike commanding an improved working environment and increased payment this taking place February 12, 1968. Look at life from the perspective of the The Delano grape strike that is noted for its effectiveness in boycotts and the unheard of merger of the time of Filipino and Mexican farm workers joining together to unionize creating UFW labor union. The Brothers unionize to present the topic of Black People ending work all together across the globe, ending the opportunity for colonial oppressive systems gaining from the labor of Black People who are not treated or progressing after years of captivity and forced enslavement but are constantly innovating the world through the ongoing suffering. Do you have the heart to sit out, boycott or strike against a system who takes your hard earned tax money and support the world but can’t acknowledge Captive Slavery of those labeled Black or the colonial titles like African American, coloreds, negro or other derogatory words to describe people as thought to be 3/5ths of a man and chattel property. These same Black People were stolen from their homes globally, stripped of their names and cultural identities. They give a Marshall Act to others but will not Pay Reparations to Black people they have used for thousands of years, do they see Black People as People or just free laborers?

#PersonalOpinionDataBase #reparations #work #captives #selfworth #memphissanitationstrike #montgomerybusboycott #strike #boycott #sitout #delano #workingclass #slavery #protest #beats #samples #funk #undergroundfeedbackstereo #brothersperspectivemagazine  feat. art by #UNDERGROUNDFEEDBACKSTEREO #TeachingThroughLectureListen

Support: Catalyst: Duro Wicks & Chicago Hip Hop is an independent documentary film about how Duro “Shame Love Tempo” Wicks fell in love with Hip Hop – Donate on KickStarter #durowicks

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Catalyst: Duro Wicks & Chicago Hip Hop is an independent documentary film about how Duro “Shame Love Tempo” Wicks fell in love with Hip Hop and helped give it a home on the Chicago music scene of the early 1990’s. It examines what made Hip Hop blow up in Chicago so much later than in other cities, how a tiny 100 watt college station became Chicago’s Hip Hop radio powerhouse, why it was so difficult for a young Black entrepreneur to get a party started, and a time when social, political and economic conditions ultimately proved to make Duro’s dream unsustainable, even though it was more successful than anyone ever imagined it could be.

The Chicago Reader called Duro Wicks “one of the godfathers of the Wicker Park hip hop scene.” The Chicago Tribune called him “a large man with a charismatic presence… at the center of the kinetic circus.” Duro describes himself as “The Catalyst” when talking about how he created a place for a generation of kids to show up and prove. “Before I did my own thing, I had nowhere to go,” says Duro “so my whole thing was let’s do our own shows.” Duro fell in love with hip hop long before it was easily accessible in Chicago, so he wanted to create a place for people with similar passions to gather. After several false starts, he finally got some traction running the first weekly Hip Hop open mic night in the city at a basement club called The Lower Links. It brought in hundreds of kids every week from all over the city and suburbs, which was unheard of in the segregated Chicago of early ’90’s. After a brief, but wildly popular run, the club ended up being a victim of its own success when neighbors and other business owners in Wrigleyville, unhappy with the growing number of Black kids hanging out in the street every week, took action and got the club shut down.

So the preview was so amazing. Thx to everyone that joined us virtually. Now it’s time for the perculater! Our kickstarter is on line.

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