#NotOnMyWatch by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)

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#NotOnMyWatch by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)


We need a #NotOnMyWatch pledge, certification, & pendant. This pledge means we will never simply witness another Black person have their civil & human rights violated while we stand aside and watch.

We only need one person to record, the rest of us need to intervene. We need to be willing risk being arrested or worse, in order to reduce these atrocities.

We are officially under a collective & existential threat when it comes to state sanctioned abuses & murders of Black people. The Jews in Nazi Germany started off being harassed & accosted by police & German citizen in the streets long before they built the death camps & started rounding them up. The US is following this same pattern, in more ways than one.

We better learn & act on the lessons of history.

Kofi Ademola Xola I know you & a few others have made a commitment to do more than witness atrocities & intervene. We need to formalize this, offer training, legal & financial support for this effort.

Most of the abuses and many of the murders could have been stopped if the Not on My Watch protocol was enacted.


written by Bro Diallo



#RevolutionaryNotGangsta written by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)

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#RevolutionaryNotGangsta written by Bro Diallo  (www.diallokenyatta.com)


Black gangs in the Black community are supplied and directed by the CIA, just like the death squads in Latin Americas, the warlords in Africa, and the terrorist cells in the Middle East.

All of these regressive and reactionary groups have the same impact, on the community scale and the national scale: they erode a people’s cohesion while extracting petty and transient benefits for their followers/members.

Ultimately the Systems and Institution of Capitalism and White Domination benefit from their activities, even through these reactionary groups often claim to be against System, they are lawless or anti-establishment on the surface but the ultimate outcome of their activities only hurt the masses while leaving the elites untouched.

The CIA have been utilizing criminal elements to subvert and undermined nations across the globe, from using the Mafia to destroy the Socialist and Community movements in Southern Europe to using Heroin Trafficking gangs to uproot real Afghani Freedom Fighters.

The CIA is forbidden to operate withing the borders of the USA, so no one ties the to such activities in the US, but we know that gangs have obstructed Black liberation efforts in various ways, that the CIA have facilitated guns and drug dumps within Black communities across the US.

The biggest tragedy in all of this is the pathetic attempts of the Conscious Community to twist this political reality and create a narrative where gangs are a (potentially) revolutionary force within the Hood instead of a treasonous and corrosive force in our mist.

They talk that Revolutionary but Gangsta shit, they started calling gangs Street Organizations, they even try to over look the murders, rapes, child abuse, drug distribution, and cooperation with anti-Black agendas by pretending that these Black traitors have no other options but to prey on our own people. SMH.

The reality is, these poor sell-outs are still sell-outs just like the Negro Elites we are so willing to call Coons, Uncle Toms, and New Negro. Not hold poor Black men to account is another form of Elitism and Classism, to pretend that poor Black men can’t stand on principle, or be held to account like we seek to hold middle-class Black men and wealthy Black men.

Also, being a lifelong member of the Black Poor and Working class, lemme tell you; we can develop more constructive options to navigate this system without advancing Racist and genocidal agendas of our oppressors. You can even operate outside of the law and outside of the dominate economy without engaging in the hyper-exploitation of your own people.

But when you are being equipped and directed by the CIA you gotta serve the interest of the White Elites.

I think one way to begin address this issue is for conscious Blacks to stop trying to secure street cred by telling lies about the motivations and impacts of Black gangs. You can’t be Revolutionary but Gangsta because Gangstas are inherently counter-Revolutionary. It’s like asserting that one can be Rapist but Pro-Woman.

Conscious Black men are literary adopting the Gangsta “swag,” intimating Gangsta culture, when in the 60s thugs, pimps, and gangstas were all pretending to by Panthers or Black Nationalist. It’s such a shame that that has flipped; and it needs to be corrected.

Black Gangstas have to abandon the mentality and practices just like we would expect an Uncle Tom to abandon their treasonous ways and ideology in order for them to be embraced by the larger community. Pretending that Gangstas can be Incorporated into the Struggle without a fundamental transformation (like Malcolm X underwent) only corrupts our Struggle and organizations.


written by Bro Diallo


Video: Common – Black America Again ft. Stevie Wonder #brotherperspective

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Common – Black America Again ft. Stevie Wonder

“Black America Again” is the title track of Common’s album titled, “Black America Again”. Produced by Karriem Riggins and Robert Glasper Featuring Stevie Wonder, Esperanza Spalding on bass,
Scratches by J Rock, Strings by Patrick Warren and
ad libs Chuck D and MC Lyte

Audio: Tall Black Guy feat. Yusef Rumperfield – Come With Me And Fly (Worldwide Premiere) @SirTallBlackGuy @firstwordrecords

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Taken from @tallblackguyproductions‘s new album Let’s Take A Trip, ‘Come With Me And Fly’ manipulates chopped vocal samples that blend with the enchanting rhythm of the drum roll.

Released on @firstwordrecords

Video: @racetac of @primeridian – Living For The Now prod by @kenautis feat @thaionedavis

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LIVING FOR THE NOW feat. Thaione Davis from Race Bannon on Vimeo.

2nd Video from Kenautis Smith and Race Bannon’s recent release Five Star Morning featuring Chicago’s very own Thaione Davis. Over Kenautis’ smooth soulful sampling, Race poses the question, “Why must we die to see where heaven is? Why can’t we live it, touch it, breathe it, inherit it?”

Purchase here: race.bandcamp.com/album/five-star-morning

Stream here: soundcloud.com/racetacula/sets/five-star-morning

Song produced, recorded and mixed by Kenautis Smith for Something Wonderful Records
Written by D. Gibbs, T. Martin
Mastered By S7NLEE for Madd Mann Productions
Video shot, edited and directed by Kenautis Smith for Something Wonderful Films




Audio: Tiff the Gift – Somebody prod. Link Rust @Tiff_The_Gift

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Don’t Sleep Records is proud to present the second single off Tiff the Gift’s forth coming album It Gets Greater Later titled Somebody produced by the French beat specialist Link Rust. Somebody is the perfect example of what happens when dope lyrics and beats collide. Phoniks debuted the record on his mix for Chillhop Music, you can check that out in the link below. Be on the lookout for Tiff’s new LP coming soon on Don’t Sleep! We are pumped up and excited for this release and we hope you all are too.


Chillhopdotcom – Sound-of-the-city-mix-chillhop-x-dont-sleep-records-mixed-by-phoniks

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Audio: @i_Deezy – i-Dee #SurferSundays Week #11 Featuring GTK (Prod. by QUX)

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this is week 11 ! proudest joint thus far

@i_deezy #i_dee