2016 People of Color on All Lands art by Marcellous Lovelace #coloredart no sellout www.marcellouslovelace.com #coloredart marcellouslovelace.com #hue People Marcellous Lovelace #africanart #biko70 #raygun81 #negroart www.marcellouslovelace.com #marcellouslovelace #hueart #blackart — Marcellous Lovelace Art for 7102 and Onward!!!

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2016 People of Color on All Lands art by Marcellous Lovelace #coloredartwww.marcellouslovelace.com #hueart #marcellouslovelace #nubianart #sol make sure they know you originated from all areas of the globe and the colonizers are the invaders of every place #politicalart #indigenousart#blackart Marcellous Lovelace #coloredart no sellout http://www.marcellouslovelace.com #coloredart marcellouslovelace.com #hue People Marcellous Lovelace #africanart #biko70 #raygun81 #negroart […]

via 2016 People of Color on All Lands art by Marcellous Lovelace #coloredart no sellout www.marcellouslovelace.com #coloredart marcellouslovelace.com #hue People Marcellous Lovelace #africanart #biko70 #raygun81 #negroart www.marcellouslovelace.com #marcellouslovelace #hueart #blackart — Marcellous Lovelace Art for 7102 and Onward!!!

How? written by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)

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How? written by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)

How do you get a People who once occupied their minds and time with building civilizations, mapping the cosmos, and developing methods of living symbiotically within the world’s ecosystem, to now occupy their minds with securing vast amounts of Fiat currency and spending it on shit made in sweatshops by malnourished slaves?

How do you get a People who constructed complex societies that didn’t have a want or need for armies, prisons, orphanages, or nursing homes to be so dysfunctional that they cannot even organize themselves to maintain proportional ownership of homes and business in the regions of a stolen land that their oppressors allow them to dwell?

How do you drive a People who not only mothered and fathered all the rest of humanity, but gave them their very humanity and culture, how do you drive them to feel so inferior that they seek equality with their own bastard, mutated children?

How do you get a people who created the very concept of god, who created hundreds of gods, who gave the world spirituality; how do you get those same people to not only accept the degenerate gods of their oppressors, but also to embrace the irrational religious dogma of the enslaver’s religions?

By subjecting them to centuries of unrelenting violence and depravity, while robbing them of an understanding of, and connection to their history.

#RealReconizeReal written by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)

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#RealReconizeReal written by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)


Deep feelings and strong beliefs are not a substitute for study and analysis.

There are a proper places and applications for both, there are even times when they align; but when your feelings and beliefs contradict the facts, you are in the realm of delusion.

So many movements, actions, and organizations fail or even worse are corrupted because they are driven strictly or predominately by beliefs and feelings; and devoid of any rationality.

Many are so far gone that they are even asserting that rationality is a “White thang” or “Eurocentric;” ignoring the long and unbroken history of Western Irrationality, Lunacy, Pseudo-Science, Theocracy, Delusions, and Racial Myths.

Our goals should not be to downplay, ignore, or even suppress our emotions, to become heartless automatons; we need to make sure our emotions serve us, provide us with guidance and clarity, not dominate us and drive us.

There is no inherent conflict between feelings and thought/rationality; many proven, verified, and established facts provoke very strong feelings in me, from Genocide to Ecocide. So we don’t have to pick one over the other, we simply need to return to balance and harmony. We need internal, psychological balance.


Video: Bigg Dogg – Give and Take

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Bigg Dogg is a Hip Hop Recording Artist from the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NYC.

via Bigg Dogg – Give and Take [Video] — Da-What

manhood written by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)

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Brothers, we keep rooting our identities in shit we have no control over, as Black men.

It’s insane to root our manhood in anything that other men can grant or deny us; a job, income, education, etc.

That’s how these muthafuckas, disrupt and manipulate our Hoods.

As Shahrazad Ali once stated; “the White man is the God of Jobs,” he giveth and he taketh away. Even you cats with “chall own biznesses,” yall do the paperwork, file the taxes, secure the certifications and licenses just like I do with mine and yall know how precocious business ownership is in this system, and how easy it is for the oppressors to snatch yo shit away from you. So yall can’t look down on the Job Seekers.

Like E Roc of The Coup said; “they don’t let Black folks own, they just give us this shit on loan!”

So, like I said; to base our identities, or very our Manhood on anything that is outside of the direct and exclusive control of the Black community is insane, it’s not just dumb, it’s some punk-ass shit; and I know how you Black Puritans hate anything that’s less than 100% Macho, Mega, Manhood shit; so why yall cool with literally sitting in the White man’s economic, cultural, and social lap, with a political miniskirt on?

Any man saying, “I’m a man, I gots me ah Job,” you know that’s a slave talking.

Now, this is about the time where the New Negros are responding, they bout to talk about how I’m against Blacks getting jobs, they are gonna say I’m making excuses for Black men who “don’t wanna wuk,” or some other shit that I’m not saying.

I’m saying, Black men: Work! or own a business, or both, and get you a tax-free hustle on the side, do all that shit; but don’t base your identity or your Manhood on that shit! This ain’t our economy, it ain’t our Fiat currency! Our ultimate mission is to navigate (say above) this shit until we can secure our own!

They only thing any Black man anywhere in this world (outside of Africa, perhaps) can base his Manhood on, that can’t be denied him by anyone, in life or in death, is his Resistance! That’s all any oppressed, enslaved, or marginalized man has, that belongs only to him and his brothers. That’s it, nothing else. (Read: Frantz Fanon)

So if you are bragging, or upholding anything other than your ongoing Resistance to your oppression and the oppression of your people; then you ain’t a fucking Man, you are a proud child bragging about a gift your (White) daddy has allowed you to play with, but reserves the right to take from your ass at anytime he chooses.

If your money, education, resources, benefits, “free” time, travel, marriage, etc. are not about Resistance and Liberation above all else; then you are not a Man either, sorry; you ain’t a Man in the sense of what these Macho Black Puritans be talking about. You are a male (XY), but not a MAN in the mythical sense that yall have constructed in your own minds. Sorry.

Not that I’m even advocating that form of MANHOOD that these dudes out here obsessed with their Manhood be talking about, but you should at least refine the notion if you gone promote it in the community.

Be a Real Man about your Manhood dogma and ideology, dude.

(Note: People seem to think that talking about one group absolves all other groups in the community, or that you think all groups that you didn’t talk about are perfect. SMH, that’s not the fucking cases.

I’m not talking about anything but what I’m talking about. So before you get on here talking about (Black) Women, just know that I’m gonna say something offensive to you, cuz I’m sick of people going off topic, and injecting shit into what I say instead of just dealing with the topic at hand. If you talk about “these women out here,” it better be fucking relevant, or Imma say some offensive shit back to you, for wasting your time and my own.)

written by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)

Video: Little Simz – Dead Body

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Pre-Order A CURIOUS TALE OF TRIALS + PERSONS album now and download “Dead Body” + “Wings” instantly http://smarturl.it/littlesimzalbum


Director: Jeremy Cole
Director of Photography: Franklin Dow
Producer: Nkem Egbuchiri
Focus Puller / Camera Assistant: William Hadley
Gaffer / Spark: Simon Huttons
Art Director: Aaron Bailey
Stylist: Ayishat Akanbi
Make Up Artist: Francesca Morris
Production Assistants: Alex Motlhabane, Isus Williams, Lewis Levi, Pieter Snyman
Additional Photography: Ben Sandall
Post Production: Jeremy Cole
Production Manager: Mikal Habteab
Head of Production: Jess Wright
Executive Producer: James Payne
Production Company: Lemonade Money

Little Simz Website: http://littlesimz.co
Little Simz on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LittleSimz
Little Simz on Twitter: https://twitter.com/littlesimz
Little Simz on Instagram: https://instagram.com/littlesimz/
Little Simz on SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/littlesimz
Little Simz on Bandcamp: http://littlesimz.bandcamp.com


Album Review: children of skeezy g – FIGURE-iT-OUT

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Album Review: children of skeezy g – FIGURE-iT-OUT

3 bros out of 5 written by ML7102 


She tells me i’m beautiful, I can barley feel my finger tips, children of skeezy g Present music in the form of Hip Hop, and at first listen of the “FIGURE-iT-OUT” album you get a instant nostalgia feeling of late 80’s / 90’s underground albums, reminiscent of the randomness of 3 Feet height and Rising, Prince Paul “Psychoanalysis: What Is It?” or something even more modern like Sharkula’s “Martin Luther King Jr. Whopper With Cheese”.

The album has a real analog feel in the recording and a free flowing feeling in the verses, with dope love on the features from BA PACE , Niambi, dMilk, Skeezy, TalentIsAlive, Sherbearidan, Mo Jo, BABODÉGA, SemiraTruth, Akilah and Squanchy Regs. The compilation has great usage of the effects on songs like “FIGURE-iT-OUT” the title track, poems, raps, distortion and a variety of beats that carry the release. Songs that stand out are “NO MORE BARS”, “Realmer”, “Niambi INTERLUDE” and SemiraTruth on a solo joint called “Hold on”. I’m putting in work in a hot ass room starts a verse that is fresh lo-fi yet griddy sample driven joint called “Good Times” which also features SemiraTruth and MO JO. This is really an interesting project from the pans to the loose live sounding mixes and arrangements.

I must admit “FIGURE-iT-OUT” is creative in its innocence and the album touches on really good Underground / Independent Hip Hop styles in a unique way. On the song “SWURVE FINAL MASTER KUSH” I hear a sick violin (which is really: turns out its a cello and He (dMILK) played that part himself , it wasn’t sampled ) at the end of the song (sounds like it was sampled from live playing on the subway) with a verse “What do you mean i’m off” Fernando says … “Stop talking that Bull ish” the random singing on track is like a bizarre ride through the Bronx all the way the way to Lower East Side, yeah New York MTA Riders can understand! At 16 tracks animal farms never been so sweet, put a fart on paper arrogance aint the right way (figure it out) trying to free the mind, be consistent stay stable is the best way to describe my listening pleasure? Go get this album and paint a mural! oohh ended to soon, must listen again.

listen here: 

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