Tableek of Maspyke – Interview

Day in and Day out (sounds like some fresh 90’s beat) dope … ok … whats going on Tableek? I see you sick wit it.
That is my peeps Whizz and Daru that came with the inspiration for sure. Makes my contribution that much easier..
Maspyke whats the meaning of that name? Why?
Many Adversaries Seem Perplxed Y we Krush Egos..i think the people can read into that what they think..

Tell us about your development into a man, the struggles and challenges of growing up?
i was raised as a Muslim. East coast Springfield, MA. Grew up in the late 80’s-90’ a black man of course the fork in the road was filled with many obstacles and temptations in various directions, but i had people that kept me from getting into all that negativity generally speaking, so when things got thick it was these cats and my pops that would open my mind up to how to deal with situations i often caught myself up in. when your daily routine is shakin by a death or by some real unnecessary incident, you start to look at and value life more.
Where are you originally from? How is this place presented in your music?
I was born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in Springfield, MA. I think NYC has influenced me- as it has the whole world- with how I talk, how I walk, how I present what I do. Springfield is like the earth…its the place where my kids are at youfeelme..Its where I’m Abbie (Arabic for father) instead of Tableek
Would you consider yourself a positive emcee? Why or Why not?
in the sense that im not too far with disrespecting a woman’s intelligence or talking about slapping someone’s kids with a gun or something yeah im positive, but some of what I talk about is some straight negative ish. if i re-phrase the question a bit and say do i consider myself conscious or do I spit “reality rap” i would say yes. My contribution is my perspective that I write from. No one does me better than me..

Who is Cassandra?
no question please….
You like Sports who did you go for Boston or L.A. and why?
I’m a basketball fan, being from the birthplace of basketball springfield, ma. as a fan of basketball, how could you NOT want to see Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce win a ring? shit i like LA too.. Kobe is one of the best ball players ever, and next year the Lake show will be ill..but come on now..The Celtics were my hands down favorite for the playoffs..and the way they won each series? just some of the best games playoff wise in a while…
Do you feel as though Hip Hop will every return to the essense?
as long as I’m alive your looking at the essence of Hiphop right here. you listen to the Maspyke Static record, or the Day In Day Out joint, the Ruff joint, you see the videos, or you come to a show, your going to see some real hiphop every mf time no question. I’m not the only one either, you just need to look for it..
Any New projects, tell us about them?
the next joint will be the Nuthin Lesser EP with my man Jusso from Finland. Then I have a project with the homie Blackastan..a Maspyke reunion of sort with Roddy Rod, and me and Neef are working on some joints for DJ Mitsui the Breats..what else..Oh, the homie Kista “Stupid MF’s”…and a few other joints. check the myspace page it will be there (
Who are some of your favorite new artist out?
Im feelin Tanya Morgan, immmortal technique, Mickey Fresh, Blu, Guilty Simpson, Daru, Barak Yalad, Blackastan..i still am a fan of the music too…im not on no bitch s%#t..
What separates you from lets say the commercial, materialistic artist?
Money and a Team. its really that simple. theres an audience for what I do, it might not be teeny bopping white kids in the suburbs, but its cool ass white kids that think for themselves in the suburbs..its cats in ATL, San Diego, Sao Paulo, Amsterdamn, Germany, South Africa, Japan, etc. that feel what I feel and can relate to my take on this music. Male and female, black, white, puerto rican, jordanian, it really don’t matter. push my music to the right people and it will be successful.
Why did you name your self Tableek? And give our readers the meaning of this term?
Tableek is an Arabic word that relates to giving da’wah or speaking the truth to the people. I took that name on because it reminds me what my purpose of doing this music needs to be. i was never in this for the clothes, the woman, the money, etc. I could and have had all that without doing music. my relationship with this music is much deeper than that, and i wanted a name that i felt spoke more than MC shiny microphone…
What are some of the best ways to Stop Violence in the Black (African) communities?
Make sure everyone can eat. food, clothing, and shelter are the basics. we are a rich mf country man. real rich. the fact that anyone in this country is hungry is a shame and EVERY single individual that has money in this country and doesn’t contribute to the poor of this nation will pay. maybe not today or tomorrow..but they will pay. its only right…at the same time, we need to remove the mental yoke of oppression that has got a lot of us on lock. we are the cause of some of what happens to us..stop blaming this and that man, put your faith in the most high, and work
Money or Fame? and why?
Money without fame is cool, fame without money is former child star. nah, but seriously i’d rather walk the streets knowing I got half a mil in the bank then walk in the mall and get chased by teeny boppers…
Ok let the people know everything I didn’t ask?
I am working hard on my first official LP. I hope you all like it. Support music that speaks to you however you see fit (buy the CD, buy the vinyl, buy the tshirts, come to the show,etc.) but support the best you can…its real out here
Props … Shout Outs ?

All praise is due to the most high..big up to my family, my sons, my future wife, the fans, the REAL DJ’s and all the people that support this music…
Peace and Blessings Amun Re … time to kill whitey is freshhhh
most slept on ep of my humble opinion…!

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