Spoken Word Album: The Immortal Hardface – Niggamuzik

buy album: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/theimmortalhardface12

Behold a though provoking,moisture inducing, Art form that touches the Spirit mind body and Soul.Sex,Violence, Drugs, Money, Niggerdom,Comedy, HipHop, Ultimate Spoken Word & Gangster Gospel, NiggaMuzic: The Diabolical Devolution Vol I  is infotainnmentment on steroids,sugar & extacy. Futuristic, provocative and diabolically creative Hardace plays with fire by audaciously  flirting with topics people are terrified to even think about.Creative, bizarre,sexy, shocking and mature, this album is unforgettable & ahead of it’s time.This album was designed to stimulate and open your mind to other dimensions of thinking. NiggaMuzik brings unprecedented creativity,talent and to the world by creating a new genera of entertainment  I call” NiggaMuszik”.  Shockingly unique and humorous, NiggaMuzik will have you moist, laughing , thinking and ready to get off your ass. Listen at your own risk…

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