Sha Stimuli & REKS “Spazztastic” (Free Download) + Dynamite Bruhz “The Present (Instrumentals)” + Illastrate, Boog Brown, Joe D, “Pengo” (Free Download) more

Dynamite Bruhz “The Present (Instrumentals)”

stimuli_present-instrumentals cdcvr_v6eSha Stimuli & Dynamite Bruhz “The Present (Instrumentals)”

Dynamite Bruhz “The Present (Instrumentals)”

After numerous phone calls, emails, burning crosses and creative threats, we realized you guys wanted to get your filthy hands all over the Dynamite Bruhz instrumentals; so here they are. We didn’t trim the songs down to sixty seconds. We wanted you to be able to fully dive in so they are all full-length instrumentals. To set it off we also made the instrumental for Sha Stimuli “Rapping Paper” ft. Skyzoo, Torae a free download.

The recording home of Sha Stimuli’s #TheRentTapeSeries, Salem Psalms Library, is also headquarters to The Dynamite Bruhz who designed the mobile recording studios seen at: SXSW, A3C Festival, BHHF (Beatminerz) and Jill Scott’s Summer Block Party Tour (DJ Jazzy Jeff).

Dynamite Bruhz “The Present (Instrumentals)”:


Free Downloads

spazztastic-1Sha Stimuli & Dynamite Bruhz ft. REKS “Spazztastic” (Free Download)

Sha Stimuli & Dynamite Bruhz ft. REKS “Spazztastic” (Free Download)

This was one of the most EPIC recording sessions at the library. I watched and tracked Reks and Sha Stimuli destroy our beat going back and forth, recording each verse in three takes or less, AND writing their verses while the other was tracking… Less than an hour start-to-finish. This is a MUST LISTEN!

“Spazztastic” (Free Download) – Bandcamp:

pengo coverIllastrate “PENGO” B​/​W – “I Don’t Brag (Free Download)

Illastrate “PENGO” B​/​W – “I Don’t Brag (Free Download)

Working Class Music Group’s founder Illastrate drops his latest digital 12″ Pengo and I Don’t Brag” ft Yamin Semali, Joe D, Flux Wonda, Lex Boogie, Boog Brown, Gotta Be Karim, and Willie DuDat.

Great lineup of emcees! You can tell when artists are comfortable in their skin, it comes through in their music… Sounding simply like a dope rhyme cipher.

“Pengo” (Free Download) – Bandcamp

Yamin_Never Leave

Yamin Semali “Never Leave” Limited Exclusive (Free Download)

Exclusive Salem Psalms Download

The first 20 subscribers to click this link get an exclusive download for Yamin Semali’s “Never Leave” digital 12″!
Producer/MC Yamin Semali is prepping his new project YAMIN which drops February 12th. Check out this dope remix of his track Never Leave featuring DT (of Clan Destined) and Arablak. Fresh flip of a dope sample. Be sure to check out YAMIN when it drops. The project features John Robinson, Boog Brown, Gotta Be Karim, Blctxt, Truth Be Cold, and Chopp. Also check out his instrumental project Yen Dollar Music, vol. 1 which is out now.

Yamin (Free Download) – Bandcamp:

stimuli_present-cdcvr_v6dSha Stimuli & Dynamite Bruhz “The Present” (Free Download)

Sha Stimuli & Dynamite Bruhz “The Present” (Free Download) – Full Album

The project features Planet Asia, J Live, Reks, Boog Brown, Torae, Skyzoo, Big Pooh, Playboy Tre, 4ize, Midaz, Wordsworth, Jamall Bufford, King Malachi of the Dungeon Family, and many more.

The Present (Free Download) – Bandcamp:

Send The Present to a friend:

MidaZ Loops CoverMidaZ the Beast “LOOPS” (Free Download)

MidaZ the Beast “Loops” (Free Download)

Stoopid hard rhymes and soulful beat loops blended like a mixtape. What else can you ask for? If you haven’t peeped MidaZ the Beast who hails from the Ozone (Orland, FL), today is your day. A lot of people are sleeping on this record. Big Shouts to @OURshow for all the love. We see you!

LOOPS (Free Download) – Bandcamp:
Peep the “LOOPS” documentary:

Sha_Asia_thnrSha Stimuli & Dynamite Bruhz ft Planet Asia + staHHr “Digital Daggers” (Free Download)

Sha Stimuli & Dynamite Bruhz ft. Planet Asia, staHHr “Digital Daggers” single + instrumental (Free Download)

Sha Stimuli & Dynamite Bruhz link with Planet Asia, staHHr, and DJ Presyce to smash out in “Digital Daggers” the 2nd single from The Present #12 of 12 in Sha Stimuli’s #TheRentTapeSeries

“Digital Daggers” (Free Download) – Bandcamp:

SHA STIMULI THE PRESENT FRONT COVER START11Sha Stimuli & Dynamite Bruhz ft. Skyzoo + Torae “Rapping Paper” (Free Download)

Sha Stimuli & Dynamite Bruhz ft. Skyzoo, Torae, “Rapping Paper” single + instrumental (Free Download)

This banger is a gift for all of Stimuli’s fans who have supported The Rent Tape Series all year long.

“Rapper Paper” (Free Download):


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