Interview : Nizm

Great Interview from Chicago Artist: Nizm

Chicago Hip Hop History


interview by Marcellous Lovelace

Man what’s going on Nizm?

Much respect for adding your interview to
Greetings…I am well. .just working on my companies and getting back to into long term planning for what I want to do with my music the next 5 years.

1. Talk about “Evolution & Ascension”, “ReDFined Xpression”, “Me / This Is”?

In order of release, “Me This Is” “Evolution & Ascension” & “ReDFined Xpression”
“Me This Is” was my most emotional project. It took 5yrs to complete. From the beginning of the project when it was named “Free Indeed” to its completion, I had lost my mother, grandmother, fiancé, and had moved out the country and came back so a lot of that project chronicles a boy going to man via music. Emotion poured into that project even looking back now amazes me as it was just honest and raw.

“Evolution & Ascension”…

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