Interview : Fatnice

A very detailed and articulate Interview .. very interesting

Chicago Hip Hop History

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    Give the people brief history of yourself?

I was born in Chicago and raised throughout various sections of the city including the South Suburbs (Harvey and Dixmoor).  I always loved music, I remember my mom buying me 45’s and gym shoes at an early age; I would keep my records and shoes in my bottom dresser drawer hahahahha sometimes I would sleep with them.  That’s how much I loved them.  My aunt Lillie had lots of records and I would raid them on the regular; my aunt Niecy was the hiphop enthusiast, she had hundreds of tapes and they were all organized; I swear she had a like a card catalog of all her music.  I grew up on all types of music but Hip Hop and House were the two forms that drove me to the parties and concerts galore in Chicago.  I was always writing poetry being influenced by the…

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