Interview : Damon Lamar Reed

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Chicago Hip Hop History

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Interview by Marcellous Lovelace

1. Peace Damon Lamar Reed, I wanted to shout you out for being a hard working Fine Artist and Emcee in Chicago.

Thanks man, I appreciate it.

2. First of all give the people at Chicago Hip Hop History a brief history on you?

I’m originally from Phoenix. I came out here to go to art school in 96.’ I came out with my first official release in 2001, Follow the Leader. In 03 I dropped the Heavyweights mixtape with Milwaukee based rapper Knine, and Atlanta DJ Sean Blu. Soon after I got a national distro-deal for my cd He Heard My Cry, but the label went bankrupt a few months later. So even though they didn’t push it, it did give me a national presence. By then I was rapping everywhere from clubs to coffee houses and from churches to universities. Around that time, my…

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