Yep: (9BMC) Witty Rock- Foreign exchange Student b/w JuegoTheNinety- Snoopin

visual for Foreign exchange student (witty rock) / Snoopin (juegotheninety)
directed/edited by witty rock . Also, check out Witty Rock’s new project “Morning Breath”… and JuegoTheNinety’s debut project “Opium Float”… .. follow on twitter @WItty_Rock @JuegoTheNinety


9BMC’s Witty Rock’s  “Foreign Exchange Student”  video off his “Morning Breath EP” this one has a twist at the end with a snippet of fellow member 9BMC’s Juego The Ninety “Snoopin” visual off his “Opium Float” EP.

9BMC’s are a collective are producers , directors , rappers and overall artists based out of Baltimore but functions throughout the US . Connected by friends and social network. Together they intend on bringing  new blood and energy not only as this #NewBaltimore movement is gaining notoriety but as artist and a movement in their own right.

Twitter: @Witty_Rock , @JuegoTheNinety


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