Audio: Jason Da Hater – “Like Vegetables” E.P. (album Produced by Paragon) @jasondahater

Jason Da Hater – “Like Vegetables” E.P. (album Produced by Paragon)

album Link:

"Like Vegetables" EP

twitter: @jasondahater

Jason Harris performing under the moniker  “Da Hater” is a Memphis born and raised Hip Hop artist.  Harris is a graduate of Whitehaven High School, where he continues to coach football, mentor aspiring artists, and verbally roast children. Da Hater is best known for his  contributions with producer Empee in the group Kontrast, and the Hip Hop  collective Iron Mic Coalition  [IMC]. Having opened for 50Cent, Afroman, Black Moon, Tunnel Clones, FreeSol, Eddie Meeks, Dead Prez, and KRS.One, it is not uncommon to catch Da Hater  in and  around Memphis as an univited guest on Hip Hop shows! He’s captivated audiences from bounce.heavy clubs in  New Orleans to  the  legendary SOB in NY,  winning over unlikely supporters from trappers to Hip Hop purist. Preferring to be called a motivational speaker, Da Hater readily admits “Yeah, I’m wack! But others are wack too and mine is better than theirs!” Jason “Da Hater” Harris is available to Host, Feature, Headline everything from your baby shower to sold out arena.


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