2011 ART CULTURE POWER Interview | LOVE-LACED ART | What message do you want to convey in your art?

Love yourself as you are. If you don’t love yourself as you are how can you convince another? If you don’t like what you do how can you convince some one else to like it? You have to be the thing that you feel. I paint messages of self-love and motivation. I paint messages and statements of complete freedom of choice and ideas. My mind state is the center of all that I convey. Having a clear mind helps to create new ideas on a regular basis be that hourly or daily. Positivity of Love of Self and Kind makes the best outlines never sell your self out to be in a position.


Marcellous Lovelace is an amazing self-taught artist from Chicago, IL.  ART.CULTURE.POWER discovered his unique artwork on Facebook and became instant fans of his creations.  Here he discusses how his passions and inspirations are infused throughout his artwork.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Love is my inspiration, Love of Family and my People.  I look at myself as a free thinker; I am a person who creates at will.  I paint with passion and from the heart.  My creativity draws from my personal experiences.  I am frequent, I am a lover, I am spiritual, I am one with the all; I am the South side of Chicago.  I am every place where place where black people exist.  I am African / Nubian every thing greater than.  I’m what I need to be and who I want to be.

How did you gravitate towards the arts?  What was your…

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