Stop the Evil: Boycott Nicki Minaj and her Slave Masters Blonde Hair Promoted by Universal Records and Republic Music Groups

stupidpersonA Major wealthy record label helped to promote such trash: Nikki threesome, this Garbage rapper is one of the most backwards low-class irrelevant persons in music history, right along with all the uninspired white American negative music that promotes this stupidity. She is a puppet of the Evil Negative White controlled  media corporations. The negative Universal Records and Republic Music Groups record industry that designed this evil puppet is on a war path to constantly corrupt the African mind and use derogatory music and negative images to destroy the African Diaspora and keep African People deeper in Poverty.

This stupid fool is not alone in her mission, please note she is signed to a major record label and works for a major television industry that backs her ignorance. Before you can boycott her ignorant white loving self hate image you have to boycott the major negative corrupt power systems that market this trash. She is supposedly endorsed by Adidas, MAC Cosmetics, and Pepsi all these companies do is spread hate and disrespect throughout the African World and should be stopped. No Black / African woman should want to have blond hair or wig, this is complete stupidity. This is a mockery against a people who love their natural image and self love. These images that Universal Records and Republic Music Groups promote do nothing but help to undermine the mentalities of young confused black children.

Instead of communicating all of the great things that Black leaders have done throughout the African Diaspora the negative record labels like Universal Records and Republic Music Groups sale music that disrespects these African Leaders.

The problem ends when the African consciousness wakes its minds up and stop sponsoring this wicked  negative music and promotion.

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