New: Bars and Jars: Brothers Perspective Magazine | Album Review

Bars and Jars: Brothers Perspective Magazine | Album Review


Bars and Jars Album
Type: Compilation (Various Artists)
Producer: Vini Vegas
Label: One Label Records

Southern Flavor is the best way to Introduce Bars and Jars, the new project from Mound Bayou / Dallas producer Vini Vegas and an endless list of guest. From the beginning this project is mixed and arranged in a very detailed manner. It was odd yet interesting the way Vini presented the press version of the album in a one track format, but I must admit it allowed me to pay attention to multiple vocal performances from Elliot Tobias, Kuntry McFly, Jimi Stinga, ANDRE, Lost Angel, DeAdrian, Allen Chris and Ciervo that bring out the best in Vini’s production. But that’s not the only highlight of Bars and Jars Vini not only the addition of good rhyming and singing on the albums production but he also very carefully placed select feature instrumentals throughout the long player. After listening to the album for a while it’s understood that Bars and Jars is better than a mix tape or a free download but a well executed design project in music form from top to bottom. As you work your back out I recommend that Vini get this album put on Vinyl for DJ’s to play live and expand the projects possibilities. Bars and Jars Album is long enough to ride out to all night and deserves to be heard outside of Mound Bayou Mississippi and the Dallas Texas city limits.

peace out East Coast Mark


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