Hip Hop: Boom Bap Sessions: In The Lounge-Lab w/ Avenging Wind

Avenging Wind meditating in the lab tonight.

An elemental expression; an act of Nature donned with the armor of the gods…
The New Blues Man.
Avenging Wind is an artistic emissary of a new narrative of free expression; an artist without apology. . His origins hail from Memphis, TN-home of the Blues. He has been making music for approximately 2 decades, much of which found him in obscurity. The occasional coffee shop emcee battles, and Hip Hop performances drew him local/regional attention, but this was ultimately underwhelming. We findhim in this ‘now’- rising from the ashes like the fabled phoenix, and through a musically alchemical fusing of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk/-Jazz and Blues doused with fierce lyricism, Avenging Wind speaks through an innovative medium he simply refers to as: New Blues. The world is starved for new narratives, and Avenging Wind means to be a forerunner in that endeavor. In a nutshell: he is The New Blues Man.

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