Album Review [THOUGHT WORKS] for Infinito 2017 – Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive


 Infinito 2017 is clearly one of underground hip-hop finest talent. Many would agree that the current state of hip-hop is in a self destructive mode with rappers rhyming and bragging about how much time they’ve done and who they shot.

Hip-hop’s culture continue to get worse and depressing but somehow Infinito seems to perceive reality on the opposite side of the spectrum. In context “Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive” is a beautifully intelligent, entertaining and surprisingly introspective listen.

Each track brings back the high-minded grime in hip-hop to its rightful place. For about one-third of the album Infinito drops knowledge on being authentic “Good at being myself”. The heaviest compliment I can give the album is the sequencing of tracks and the concepts behind it.

It turns out that Infinito doesn’t only have beef with dumb ass rappers, but ignorance in general. When he rhymes, “Fools lose drug abused crack babies addicted to being lazy/ Bogus wishful hopefuls never gone make it hate it hate on you/ Hate on your self it’s your fault not no one else ashamed/ Waste of time crime against humanity I don’t need a topic” Anyone who listened to 2013 Quality In Quantity should expect such greater quality in this album. I strongly recommend this album to any hip-hop head who wishes the golden age of hip returns. This album is super super d0pe!!!


Review by: Thought Works 

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One Response to “Album Review [THOUGHT WORKS] for Infinito 2017 – Threatening Music X Brash and Abrasive”

  1. Cool D Says:

    1 of the dopest MC’s


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