“It’s War Out Here:” 14-Year-Old Who Shot Innocent Bystander On Brooklyn Bus Makes Shocking Statement (DETAILS)

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The 14-year-old teenager who was arrested in March for allegedly killing an innocent bystander on a Brooklyn bus made a shocking statement to police about shooting at a rival gang member.

“They came at me on the bus, and I was scared. Yo am I gonna do life for this? It’s my brother’s gun. It’s war out here, so n***** gotta carry guns. Oh man I’m f***** man, that n**** Jayquan man. Every time I’m with this n****,” Kahton Anderson wrote in a statement.

Kahton Anderson, who is a member of the Stack Money Goons gang, was also unaware that he killed Angel Rojas, a 39-year-old who was headed home aboard the B15 bus when he was hit by the bullet.

“Who did I hit?” Kahton asked a cop after his March murder arrest. “Was it a rival or an innocent man?”

Sadly, Kahton’s comments highlight the dangerous…

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