Track: 85 Bonkers (tumbleweeds rmx) by THAIONE DAVIS


Late night smokey remix in Texas with my man Kenny Keys…rolling up them “tumbleweeds”…another one for the boppers! SLAP. * Does not appear on the original “WALKING ANONYMOUS’ album.


Thaione Davis – 85 Bonkers (tumbleweeds rmx) 
produced by Kenny Keys * * * * * listen… 

my worst nightmare is rocking nike airs 

see i’m a stripe boy 

triple crown white noise 


frequency gorilla from the most dangerous villas on the planet 

rather party than panic 

my shit is candid 

rugged and raw never romantic 

shit my first record double vinyl seeds was planted 

got a chance to visit outta my district 

ripping shit constant 

now they wanna cop shit 

catalog terror 

life ain’t shit but trial and error 

everything that’s in between is meant to intervene 

confidence and self esteem… 

don’t get a bad bitch 

get a queen… 

and build an empire for your seeds. 

raise fees when you feel like your talent and skills balance 

drop niggas from your team when they turn to auto pilot… 


that they ain’t pulling they weight 

go get a passport 

and when the shit stress you out make an escape… 

See i’m…. 

back where i started 

stains on the carpet 

“X” on my chest 

still a target. 


i be having conflict 

you know like the next nigga 

pray i never have to pull the next trigger. 

either you standing or you WILL get delivered 

to the most high 

gold slivers in my skin tone 

same dioxi in my bones as the late greats 

and all the fuck fakes falling over beat breaks… 

i celebrate life acknowledge pain 

everything i do against the grain… 

i’ll keep my integrity 

you keep the fame 

i may chase cash but i never need the whole pot 

i know the whole plot 

i know the whole plan 

i know to hold tight when you got a cold hand 

i know that when we rolling up we smoke the whole gram 

and we don’t leave no trace 

and we don’t follow the pace 

we don’t participate 

cause all we do is create 

products from the poverty in our blood 

cause we the face of this whole shit 

they say we hopeless we just lost guidance 

we just lost culture 

that’s why we violent… 

think about your lifestyle 

is it really worth while 

pause for the moment of silence…. 

go head…


released 12 May 2014



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