“Don’t Get Stomped”
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With the city on his back and the crowd chanting his name, a hero must rise to the occasion. But when it’s time to put your guns up, Brooklyn spitter Mic Handz understands that sometimes fists are the best means of communication. A rowdy club anthem that plays out like the real life version of Def Jam: Fight for NY, “Don’t Get Stomped” is the no holds barred smack down that we desperately need, especially in a time of new age R&B and soft rappers. As Handz plays the undisputed champion and Fame drops rhymes that pick up from where the legendary Rakim left off, we’re treated to shots of some of BK’s finest doing their thing in an undisclosed, underground location. You may wanna hit the rewind on this one a couple times and see if you can find all the cameos. “Don’t Get Stomped” will be released on the upcoming ‘Killin’ The Game’ compilation from T.H.E.M Records. Somebody tell Apollo Creed to ring the bell and get this party started.

• Artist: Mic Handz
• Featuring: Fame (of M.O.P.)
• Directed by: MonStar Films
• Produced by: Aaron “Freedom” Lyles
• Website:

• Mic Handz: @therealMICHANDZ
• Fame: @FAMEMOP

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