dekon chro lar – i wont run (song 1) [from a soul in the form of a machine]

first release from “a soul in the form of a machine”

  • dekon chro lar: guitar, vocals
  • juju bushman: guitar
  • jago moonshine: drums

girl u know, i love u so
i promise baby, won’t let u go
i won’t run, i won’t run (2)
i wanna be, the god in me
fighting evil for u and me
baby i won’t run, i won’t run
and i will be alone and waiting for u to be back in my arms
when u bring you loving back into my world i won’t do u wrong
oooh i won’t run i won’t run
ooooh ooooh oooh i won’t run(2)


De’kon Chro Lar

  Artists are not supposed to rest well. Apparently, artists are supposed to always be hungry and sleep deprived. My drive is killing my body. I feel like i’m surviving on spurts of “fell the fuck out sleep” and “stomach take that poptart and shut the hell up food.” I know I have a bed, so why do i always wake up on couches and uncomfortable tables? Why? I’ll tell you why. I’m an artist. Even if I’ve never believed in myself…even if I never felt like I was good enough…for some reason,I do now…and I will not sleep,eat,drink,piss,or shit anything but my art until u know. know what? until u know who I am.  I wont stop until u sleep,eat,drink,piss and shit Then you’ll know that I am….the dopest.

Jago Moon aka
De’kon Chro Lar


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