NO END THEORY: Michael Brown a search for Clarity #thempeople

This is footage I’ve been collecting since day one… Different views from people on the fronlines.

-God Bless the family of Michael Brown… May his legacy lead the revolution for the new war on injustice is upon us-

-Riots or Response-


Since Michael Brown was malciously gunned down in our city I’ve been able to view the atrocities of injustice up close and personal. Aside from white elitism, and the media trying to create false propganda as usual … the most disturbing thing for me is seeing African American citizens in St.louis completely oblivious to the concept of systematic racism. Post Michaels Murder we have tried to come together peacefully and combat the overt discrimination and justified slaying of our young Kings. The police have provoked a mass of people while trying to morn and congregate to ponder a progressive solution to the tyrrany of the St.Louis justice system as a whole. The night after Michaels death a group of mis guided rebels took to the street angry about an issue far deeper than their full understanding…They hit the streets with fire; nothing but the intention of releasing the anger felt from generations of hatred and a harsh realization that without chaos nothing would change. These rebels began to respond using the same brut agressive force the oppressor has used to control them. The media bleeched the imagery of freedom fighting the same way they did during the Riots in LA.. In California the media was able to highlight the looting and vandlizm to divert the attention to the small section of the community that tried to negatively captalize off the violent political response. The Media is a friend of the STATE… they all have political interest in not exposing the real problem or the real enemy. Having an Uncontrollable racial conflict is not good for any city or municipality and bad for big business (THE STATE IS A BUSINESS)..The powers that be will go to any length to protect the perception of its communities for that percpetion defines the value. Problems shall be handled and erased effciently or aggressive/fatal force will be used…Thats the unoffcial protocol in St.Louis county. It pains me to see the debates back and fourth about how to interpret the Freedom fighting/Rioting when 2 thing are CLEAR…

1) Rioting is Wrong… but if you’re a member of the black community you have to evaluate the context… If you don’t feel that ignorance, unjust crime, fear of death and 0 faith in law enforcement is enough to brew a negative conflict then you must live in an ivory tower.. with zero of very little connection to the streets. What you witnessed is a really raw soci-politcal response from impoverished people who haven’t been ethically trained in responding to injustice. This is not considered an act that is justifiable by far but it should be held as an example of what happens when a community is pushed to the brink. If you are not an impoverished person or one who lives in a borderline hopeless community.. before you comment on anything you should probably be asking more questions.

2) IF you live in St.Louis you can have a first person view of whats going on jus by coming to the rallys and protest that having being occurring Since the night of Michael’s Death. Many of you have opinions but don’t have presence and have been absent when it comes to the first person perspective on actions being taken to uphold Michaels Legacy. For Those who are commenting, cleaning up neighborhood business that destroy our communities and helping deface the young men and women brave enough to stand against the government.. PLEASE do the movement a favor.. SHUT The Fuck up..!!! And spread the positive light of the movement.. not the small percentage of negative.

Filmed by: Michael Anthony || David Boast

Music: THEMpeople (Fumes) Badbadnotgood (Sustian)

NO END THEORY: Michael Brown a search for Clarity

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