Remain In Power [Legacy]: Avenging Wind / Fathom 9 / Ennis Newman

In Memory of Ennis Newman[ Emcee, Poet, Singer, Producer, Actor, and Educator are but some of the disciplines of Avenging Wind (also known as Fathom 9). Hailing from the Blues City – Memphis, TN; Avenging Wind is no rookie when it comes to performing live. Opening for legends such as: KRS-One, underground legend El da Sensei, and Sadat X (of Brand Nubian), clearly says it all.]

Its no good way to say good bye forever. I’m writing from a place that summons inspiration and motivation in acknowledgement of a creative soul. The art of Ennis O. Newman known to many as Fathom 9 or Avenging Wind friend to many and twice as mysterious to all. I used to tell him he had the complexity of a Jazz musician in a Batman outfit disguised as Bruce Wayne. I never say good byes to well so i’m writing a collection of respectful salutes to a man who lived to design his self in word and sound.


Ennis normally spoke of a loving utopia in a shy complicated triangle. The Anti Hip Hop Delta Quadrant representative who longed for the hour when his home was known for more than crunk music and Elvis. Fathom 9 wanted to show those who cared to read or listen to his soul how much more a city had to offer. Life gives us opportunity but so many of us fail to receive gifts so freely, Fathom a prideful man who never wanted for anything to easy you would often find him walking the delta southern streets of Memphis in search of his next inspiration or a simple cup of coffee. Yes coffee the choice for many writers but for Ennis I saw this as a tool to relax his often amplified vocal range where he rhymed until he fail out on stage. If you never saw Fathom perform then you missed a show that carried the weight of heavy metal with the fullness of the Staple Singers, I often envisioned Ennis being able to travel the world offering his high energy.

As I write this article for those who wish to understand more about Fathom 9 / Avenging Wind I wanted to give a voice of responsibility for a passionate Hip-Hop  artist and a very fine writer. His ability to take advantage of the language we use happened to be a great weapon. He often wrote on topics of war, love and multiplicity. Ennis combines math with metaphysics to bring you into a new form and shape.

As I finalize my thoughts on Ennis Newman / Fathom 9 / Avenging Wind I want every one to take the time to support his music contributions to the world and research and learn more about the one and only.


last song post from Bandcamp with text:

This is a test…only a test…

(The Brotherhood of Doom) lyrics

We wait for shadows to darken doors,
laughter to echo through bare walls;
We wait for phantom voices of comfort
to speak through the ether, with sutras
of consoling, for hearts are heavy with
emptiness…We sit, and we wait on waiting on….

Waiting for sad song to jump upbeat,
waiting for the pitter patter of happy feet
prancing freely in mid-frolic;
but tonight, our waiting is in vain,
our cause? Folly.
And in the deep of our pain, we cringe
as if heart is pierced by arrows’ volley…

We cringe in the deceptive embrace of


Remain In Power

One Response to “Remain In Power [Legacy]: Avenging Wind / Fathom 9 / Ennis Newman”

  1. Sanchez Dean Says:

    It’s very fucked up that today I was thinking about my friend and brother that I haven’t seen or heard from in a long time,to come and found out he has been dead for over 3 years now! I left Memphis,TN in December of 2001. I spoke to Ennis Newman who is better known as Fathom 9 and Cronos at the time I was in close contact with him. I remembered when he had first gotten the Akai Mpc 2000. I seen him make plenty beats and he was the co founder of the Genesis Experiment. He was always very prolific with his rhymes, and very witty. He was the combination of Pharoah Monche mixed with J-Live. Very energetic and intelligent! He was taken away from us too soon! May you Rise in Power Ennis O. Newman aka Fathom 9 May you become one of the Four Winds of Nibiru! 9 Ether for Life!!!!!!!


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