41- 45 Weekly photos

featuring Art by Marcellous Lovelace / I AM MAN (RAY GUN 81 REMIX) with blk75art

POINTnSHOOT Chronicles

So I got a little behind on my photos… my bad but October is always a busy month between haunted house, fall sessions, family time and more. I was able to take some photos but not able to post them.
So thankful that S. Main didn’t disappoint, a new series of murals just came up and they look awesome. Amazing artist were a part of this, such as, Lance Turner, Brandon Marshall, Kenny Hayes, Ben Avant, Brendan Lawton, Chris Hoal Ryan Morris, Nick Peña, Marcellous Lovelace and more, I will get photos of the rest and post them with their artist accordingly.

Photo 41
IMG_8964editlogo jay

Photo 42
mixed media mural mixed media mural

Photo 43
Strictly Moral strictly moral

Photo 44
razzle dazzle 'em piano razzle dazzle ’em piano

Photo 45
i am a man i am a man

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