Post: Jetpack Jones – Afterburners 4: Retro$pect (Hosted By DJSWU)

 “Afterburners 4: Retro$pect” is an afro-futuristic rap album set in the 4th dimension of sound.  We invite you to enter the 4th dimension and join us on a journey, as Jetpack Jones navigates through sonic realms of musicality that have previously never been explored.
Features Include:  Tone Oliver, Art Club, Don Diestro, Clyde Shankle, Joy Postell, P.O.P.E., Dez Yusuf, JSNMSK, and Mann.
Production by:  Brock Berrigan, Handbook, TheGeekSquad, Spacedtime, O.Skeeters, Miska, Beemo, 614KG, DKO, Kaligraph E, and Loupo.
Album art by @Eustvce of NDGstudios
Hosted by Jet Life/ La Cosa Nostra’s @DJSWU
Supported by @KarmaLoop #KarmaLoopIkons
We appreciate your time, consideration and thank everyone for their continued support! 
Twitter: @JetpackJones 

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