Video: Open Mike Eagle – Celebrity Reduction Prayer (prod. Oddisee)

produced by Oddisee | Directed by Ryan Calavano | Mello Music Group 2015

“Watch me smash all of these idols / Got my own heavyweight title / There’s no upper tier, we’re all peers / Unless y’all want to be rivals”

from the album “Persona”…

LessIsMore Visuals –

Directed, edited and animation by Ryan Calavano (IG/Twitter – @RyanCalavano)
Executive Producer – Erin Barber
Producer – Kyle Thompson
Producer – Chris Alcantar

Dancers –
Ingel Catindig
Lizzy Richardson
Ashley Cotter
Adi Rodriguez
Johnny Duley

Cast –
Joe the Waiter – Joe Starr
Asshole Couple – Mariah Goolsby and Eddie Baumann
Daryl the Janitor – James Wallace

Special Thanks to –
Brooklyn Bar
Wizard Nail Salon and Spa
Stephanie Williamson
Sarah Rose Ha
Judy Ha
Stephanie Williamson
Tyler Williamson
Jordan Immerman
Mady Madrigal
Kat Sheridan
Estevan Roches,
Chanel Ray

The new single “Celebrity Reduction Prayer (feat. Open Mike Eagle)” produced by Oddisee is a highlight of the album “Persona.” Open Mike slays the American passtime of idol worship, breaking down the celebrities that too many place on pedestals – reminding us all of our humanity. The well crafted new track is both humorous and insightful – a glimpse into the upcoming Persona compilaiton of all new material from the MMG Squad.

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