Music: Ali (of New Kingz) and Leader Lockwood – The Natives EP [Produced by @LeadLockwood]

Respectable Hip Hop from Chicago, lyrics by Ali and producer Leader Lockwood on the Natives E.P. detail some of the many episodes of the Chicago rappers. Real thoughtful and considerate styles from the Natives, good listen and sound quality!

download here:

1. Native Intro// (00:00)-(02:59)
2. Onna Grind ft. Luka$ G (of New Kingz)// (03:00)-(08:29)
3. Momma Raised a King// (08:30)-(12:20)
–“Funny Money” Interlude// (12:21)-(14:15)
4. Keep Hope ft. Femdot// (14:16)-(18:45)
5. The Natives ft. Luka$ G (of New Kingz)// (18:46)-(22:44)
6. Late as Always (Interlude) ft. Syd Shaw// (22:45)-(26:39)
7. Proud Outro ft. Leader Lockwood// (26:40)-(30:33)
**Bonus** Sunday Morning Love ft. The Law of Huey (30:34)

Completely produced by Leader Lockwood, The Natives EP is Ali’s story of humbled beginnings growing up in the city of Chicago, identifying himself as an artist/indivual, & the progression of the New Kingz movement.
Released July 30th, 2015



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