Video: Lamon Manuel and Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser – Shit. Everything We Have Together is Falling Apart.

Shit. Everything We Have Together is Falling Apart.

Director: Samantha Wakefield. Director of Photography: Sandi Nowa.

Available for purchase through iTunes:

A distillation of the stories and circumstances explored in the course of the full album, “Shit. Everything We have Together is Falling Apart” begins confrontationally, with the declaration that “it’s okay to eat women ’cause they don’t have any feelings,” issued, most likely, by the song’s anti-hero, who is “either agoraphobic or a fasting cannibal,” “either a bad muse or [someone who should] fuck better writers.” Locating the failing relationship in a city’s landscape of funerals, track suits, praying mothers, and “subtle” blackface, Manuel himself further distills the track in plain speak that exemplifies all of the jagged, self-and socially-aware, angry, personal, vulnerable thoughts that define his writing: “Being sad about losing the woman I thought I was going to spend my life with didn’t mean I was safe from from getting shot walking home through Woodlawn at 3am.”

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