Underground Feedback Stereo (Mixtape Vol.1) MIXED BY DJ WAHT

Underground Feedback Stereo (Mixtape Vol.1)

TRENT – Tokin Dro Prod. GEE WONDER
75DREW – Tunnels ft Jero
SemiraTruth – If only I Knowledged
TRENT – Another Man’s Treasure
Mani Jurdan – Ashes
Mani Jurdan – Pharoah
Dannie Amnesia – Believe In Me (Dont Sleep) (prod by Mike Hero)
John Jones – Water
Control of Mine (BEAT) BY ML7102
Mani Jurdan – Question Marks
Kid Yung – Innocent Criminal
Lylantz – And Then He Woke [Prod. By SecreteReality & GodLife]
Dannie Amnesia – Now or Never (Remix) (prod by G H Beats)
Leader Lockwood – Whole Time (Prod. Leader Lockwood)
Kari – acapella
Kari – Quickie (prod
Leader Lockwood – Rocket Ships
Dann!e Amnes!a – REAL TALK
TRENT – Start
Rayza and Lylantz (UNORTHODOX MIZFITS) – Irie
ISO – Sunday Morning (Prod. Leader Lockwood)

Underground Feedback Stereo is a workshop based out of the YOUmedia department at The Harold Washington Library that certifies teens in recording techniques, independent music basics, style development and creative direction of artist in music. During the the process of Underground Feedback Stereo teens have recorded music that has been compiled into a compilation of thoughtful, inspirational and positive Hip Hop from the Music element. The artist that are included in the first workshops have created a blend of true school and new school sounds for all to enjoy and vibe out to in digital Mixtape Format. LOOK FOR THE COMPILATION SOON WITH MORE MUSIC …

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