Audio: LAGOS (Leo 123 & Radius)

LAGOS (Leo 123 & Radius) EP2 OUT NOW via etcrecords(…
2nd installment from LAGOS (Leo 123 & Radius)

1st Release:

*Proceeds go toward a planned Vinyl release; which will include both releases as one LP.*

Lagos experiments with many of their common 
influences and interests to produce a sound that is expressive and 
focused; Taking many of their production queues from 70’s Dub 
recordings + 80’s house and hiphop. Lagos is a musical collaboration that 
reflects their individual origins, as well as their musical expansion 
as a musical duo from Chicago; continuing the tradition of great music 
in one of World’s greatest cities and beyond…

Tracks from this release have been featured via various tastemakers; including: Nightmares on Wax (BBC WARP 25 Essential Mix), J.Rocc (Adventures In Stereo/KPFK), Anthony Valadez (KCRW), Kev Beadle (Mind Fluid Radio), Ennio Styles (Stylin’)

Leo 123:

The Duo also have an assortment of Jazz Vinyl Mixes available for you to enjoy. Here is the latest installment via The Jazz Pit/Frission Radio.


released November 27, 2015

Produced and Mixed by LAGOS (Leo 123 & Radius) btwn 2012 & 2014 Chicago
Mastered By Leo 123

Cover Photo/Edit by LAGOS
Bonus Photos: Constance K(Eyeshotcha)

tags: beats chicago hip-hop deep house dub electronic instrumentalsbeats house instrumental jazz Chicago

Aiming to get this EP along with the first release pressed up to a full length vinyl.

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