Video: Pugs Atomz X Awdazcate -FRFR (music video)

Video Tittle: FRFR

Artist: Pugs Atomz & Awdazcate
Producer: Awdazcate
Directed/ Edited by: Pugs Atomz
Cinematography: Cos G

Waffle Gang leader aka singer-producer Awdazcate keeps the beat stripped down think classics like “tried by twelve” or more recently Drake’s “Legend”. All setting and enjoyable pallet for Pugs Atomz aka Euro P to get lose on the current state of sub par rappers and rap releases “Searching for a place to land, Euro is at it again / you got dreads but your more raggedy Ann” hilarity and creativity flows through the videos hook based around the viral surprise mother **cker vine. We can’t give to much more away to keep the surprises in tack. But this is a guaranteed replay as well as a live show favorite from Chicago to London.

Awdazcate plans to include “FRFR” on his forthcoming beat compilation called Waffle Staxz Vol 1 Dec. 23rd. Featuring Chris Crack, and some slick production with his SP404SX.

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