Audio: Hollywood JB – Triumph

1. iCry [Produced by Hollywood JB]

2. The Sky (feat. JordxnBryant) [Produced by Knxwledge]

3. Like Wings [Produced by Swiff D]

4. BIG [Produced by Shine]

5. Spill Cosby [Produced by Knxwledge]

6. Inner(city)lude (feat. EarthGang) [Produced by Iman Omari] Trumpet by Doctur Dot

7. Game 7 [Produced by Hollywood JB]

8. We, The People [Produced by Hollywood JB]

9. Moon and Stars (feat. JordxnBryant)[Produced by Hollywood JB]

10. Alive (feat. JID) [Produced by Knxwledge]

11. We Grown (feat. Lena Chanel)[Produced by Esta] Additional vocals JordxnBryant/ Grass Is Greener [Produced by Phil Chase]

12. Red, Black, & Blue [Produced by Hollywood JB]

13. Find Your Way (feat. Shine)[Produced by Hollywood JB] Live Bass by Sean Oliver Additional Vocals by Voices of Eighty3rd

14. Triumph (Closer) (feat. Katherine Binns) [Produced by Hollywood JB] Additional vocals by JordxnBryant

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