Video: Cavanaugh (Open Mike Eagle & Serengeti) – Zorak


Video creator James Ward says “So – the visuals are nearly all created by hand, in the sense that there is no code being used – the graphics are designed and animated in After Effects. Everything that references a video game is made to look that way with simple shapes and simple animation – rather than coded. I used a specific bit of software to generate the 3D wireframe graphics and all the glitch is created by using a plugin that just produces that specific effect.”

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About Cavanaugh’s Album “Time & Materials”
In a new urban development on the far west side of Detroit, Florida, it’s mandated by a 5 to 4 city council vote that a new housing structure be erected that has both luxury condominium units available for private ownership and section 7 housing in the same building. Via separate entrances the Cavanaugh building services two very different populations. And though the lifestyles of the residents vary, each unit relies on the same system of pipes and wiring and are serviced by the same crew. Mike and Dave have a combined 14 years of experience in Cavanaugh maintenance. They usually work drunk, mumbling greetings to the residents, soaking up all the disdain that the higher and lower income inhabitants have for each other. They talk shit to each other all day. Complaining about their home lives, spinning passive aggressive tales where they pretend to be angrier, stronger, more expressive men.……

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