Audio: Underground Feed Back Stereo Podcast 4 + Interviews [hosted by John Jones Inc]

A Podcast / Radio broadcast of some of the most interesting music you want to listen to and know its in Stereo. This session is a great blend of Jazz, Hip Hop and Soul music from Various Artist. With Interviews from Dann!e Amnes!a, John Jones Inc and SemiraTruth!

Guest: Cymba and Leader Lockwood

John Jones Inc – Intro Podcast 4
Souls Of Mischief – Tell Me Who Profits
NaS – Halftime
Miles Davis – Boplicity
Dann!e Amnes!a – Interview with Cymba
Dannie Amnesia – Dog Days
Camp Lo – Luchini AKA This is It
John Jones Inc – Interview with Leader Lockwood
Blu – A Letter
Stark – Hot Fries And Lemonade (prod. Dsteele)
SemiraTruth – Interview with Cymba
John Jones Inc – Podcast 4 Outro


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