New Music: Underground Feed Back Stereo: Material Illside


In Stores Now:

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Underground Feed Back Stereo: Material Illside CD 

This is a project based out of YOumedia Chicago where teens create media-based projects and develop different skills in their development. Underground Feed Back Stereo is a workshop where teens learn basic recording techniques, music publishing, social media promotion and music production. we will guide you through the process of becoming an independent musician!

1. Underground Feedback – ‘INTRO’
Producer: Dion

2. TRENT – ‘MindTrip’
Producer: Dion

3. Dann!e Amnes!a – ‘Reincarnated Dolphin’
Producer: Dion

4. SemiraTruth – ‘(Lit)erary’
Producer: Dion

5. KidYung x Forkast – ‘Steaming Concentration’
Producer: Dion

6. KARI – ‘VS Decisions’
Producer: Dion

7. TsoTsi x John Jones Inc – ‘Smokey Quartz’
Producer: Dion

Producer: Dion

9. Don Infinite – ‘Off the Meter’
Producer: Dion

10. KidYung – ‘Post Materialism’
Producer: Dion

11. Noah Raheem – ‘Just Not Right’
Producer: Dion

12. Outro – ‘UFS’
Producer: Dion



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