Audio: Anacron (Pairograffs) – Sun Beaming @Anacron

Anacron +++

Pairograffs – Sun Beaming

May 6th is my #PNTGLLRYNTWRK / #Pairograffs brotha Irie Swire’s birthday, so I figured I’d drop this gem from our old school underground catalog in his honor.

Written and performed by Anacron and Irie Swire
Produced and arranged by Anacron and Astrobwoy
All live instrumentation by Anacron
Originally appears on the Pairograffs LP, “Calinois to Illifornia”
Copyright 2004 PNTGLLRYNTWRK

Official Pairograffs re-release coming soon; enjoy this for now.

Luh ya, cuuuuuz!!!

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