Disney Star Racially Profiled And Physically Beaten By L.A. Police (by La’Shawn Chambers @CampusLately.com)

Disney Star Racially Profiled And Physically Beaten By L.A. Police
La’Shawn Chambers – July 20, 2016 / No Comments / 58210 views
Do you remember the little girl from “A Time to Kill” or little Tina Turner, when she was the cute kid with the big voice in the choir on “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” Her name is Rae’Ven Kelly. She also played in the Vampire Slayer and Hannah Montana. Rae’ven is speaking out against the Los Angeles police who she say’s racially profiled her and arrested her.

According to Rae’Ven, Los Angeles police RACIALLY PROFILED her and tried to suggest that she “jumped the train” and didn’t pay her fare. Rae’Ven claims that she tried to video the incident for her protection, and the officer assaulted her.

She was arrested and physically assaulted all before one of the police offers
realized she was an actress. At which time they tried to get her to “admit” that she was never mistreated and sign a form saying so. When she denied their request, she was charged with multiple crimes. Eventually, she was released and all charges dropped but only after they treated her like they treat too many of our black brothers and sisters, like less than human.

Read Her Story
I was recently severely brutalized, racially profiled and accosted in South Pasadena by LA County Sheriffs Dept. While I was being wrongfully accused of not paying my train fare, I presented my receipt respectfully to the officer (which was for not just 1 but, 2 fares with the time & date stamps) when he proceeded to threaten me with a ticket for not paying my fare, I began video taping the incident…the officer told me I could video tape all I wanted and it wouldn’t matter.

Little did I know that he was right…because later after they had slapped handcuffs on me (surrounding me with six officers), slammed my body into a metal bench, groped me during a search, and injured my shoulder and wrist placing me in the police car (laughing referring to me “girl” & saying “well, you know how these people are…yeah I have a black female here…these people”), while I was softly praying to God and crying asking them politely, “What did I do wrong, officer? I’ve paid my fare with a receipt and have been nothing but respectful, sir. I have been completely compliant, never used profanity or raised my voice, officer,”… as I begged for reason through tears of pain from my bruised wrists he grabbed my Gucci bag and cellphone with (my then fiance) Sean still on the phone as an audible witness to everything that had transpired…& took my cell as evidence because they knew I had footage of them attacking me!

Later on at the La Cresenta station I was cursed at, physically abused, denied feminine products as blood soiled my clothes, ridiculed, bruised and laughed at, and when I told them I wouldn’t sign off that I wasn’t harmed the main sheriff blackmailed me by saying that if I reported my injuries then they would be required to take me to the hospital. Once one of the officers at the station recognized me from “Hannah Montana” and “A Time to Kill” they began to call me Miss Kelly and said they would release me with no charges if I lied and said I wasn’t harmed. But, I only wanted to report the truth…so they booked me, giving me a record now. Cited http://naturallymoi.com/

Keep reporting the truth and speaking out. Share your stories with us at contact@CampusLately.com


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