Aboriginal People Massacre: The Evil Savagery Of Xenophobe European Land Thieves: The East Gippsland Massacres – 1840 to 1850


The Great Indigenous Tasmania People (Aboriginal People)of East Gippsland battled the negative euro land thief. The only advantage the wicked European had was guns, otherwise they would have been defeated by Great Indigenous Tasmanian people.

Colonial xenophobe Europeans lie about the original death tolls because covering up Indigenous peoples actual history helps them avoid truth to protect themselves by living in fraudulent fear. The Indigenous population, estimated to have been between 750,000 and 1,000,000 in 1788, declined for 150 years following a country or area under the full or partial political control of another country, typically a distant one, and occupied by settlers from that country. mainly due to infectious disease. Thousands more died as a result of frontier conflict with settlers. The negative European delivered diseases to the Indigenous Tasmanian People during the 1820’s to lessen Tasmanian Peoples (Aboriginal) life. The limited list were created from partial letters, websites they thew European claim they came from diaries and a baseless exhibition called simply “Koorie” the savage showed at some Museum in Victoria in 1991 on stolen Indigenous land.

Recreated racist land maps show where terrorist Europeans murdered Aboriginal people listing almost two decades of terrorism of the Tasmanian People from the 1830’s to the 1850’s. They say thousands more died beyond prying eyes.
In Gippsland from people of Great Famine Henry Meyrick a free settler or ex-convict, who stole a large tract of Crown land in order to graze livestock is known as a squatter, wrote in a letter home to his Yersinia pestis infected pandemic Xenopsylla cheopis family in England in 1846:

The blacks are very quiet here now, poor wretches. No wild beast of the forest was ever hunted down with such unsparing perseverance as they are. Men, women and children are shot whenever they can be met with … I have protested against it at every station I have been in Gippsland, in the strongest language, but these things are kept very secret as the penalty would certainly be hanging … For myself, if I caught a black actually killing my sheep, I would shoot him with as little remorse as I would a wild dog, but no consideration on earth would induce me to ride into a camp and fire on them indiscriminately, as is the custom whenever the smoke is seen. They [the Aborigines] will very shortly be extinct. It is impossible to say how many have been shot, but I am convinced that not less than 450 have been murdered altogether.

Article by a Gippsland journalist, Andrew Rule, published in The Age:


The multiple Killing Locations by xenophobe murders and the number killed
1840 Nuntin Angus McMillan’s men Unknown Shot
1840 Boney Point Angus McMillan’s men Unknown Shot – Heavy toll of Aboriginal lives
1841 Butchers Creek Angus McMillan’s men 30-35 Shot
1841 Maffra Angus McMillan’s men Unknown Shot
1842 Skull Creek – Unknown –
1842 Bruthen Creek – Hundred’s –
1843 Warrigal Creek Angus McMillan’s men 60 – 180 Shot
1844 Maffra – Unknown –
1846 South Gippsland – 14 –
1846 Snowy River Captain Dana and the Aboriginal Police 8 –
1846-1847 Central Gippsland shot by armed Party 50 or more Party hunting for a white woman supposedly held by Aborigines; no such woman was ever found.
1850 East Gippsland – 15 – 20 –
1850 Murrindal – 16 Poisoned
1850 Brodribb River 15 – 20 –
1840-1850 300-100

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