Audio: Wise Intelligent – Active Shooter (You Know the Deal) [Prod. by DJ POCKET] @WiseIntelligent

From the Upcoming Album Wise Intelligent Iz…Stevie Bonneville Wallace (Back 2 School – 4th Period)

Active Shooter Lyrics by Wise Intelligent
Paper chasers, nature rapers
innocence sittin in prayer slayers
Racial haters, germ creators
third world populace depopulators
Exploitators, people slavers
confederate battle flag hatred wavers
Great debaters, pseudo saviors
eloquent orators but the wrong shit sayers
Timothy Taylor, true NJer
product of the same fuckin streets that raised ya
opposition to the system put in place to degrade you
my position was conditioned by da rich slave makers
culture appropriators, vultures from middle agers
enemy image painters, in the holy book pages
fuck ya sages, integrators, every black apologist and capitulator
Dylann Roof embracers, meet your maker to the victims that forgive him you can thank me later
hate me haters, make me famous
you don’t understand how fuckin accurate my aim is
I can make it painless, I’m poetically dangerous
five rounds, 100 yards, check the minutes of angle
that’s a single inch grouper, Loophole user
fuck a hot rhyme spitter, I’m an ACTIVE SHOOTER!

Heavenly Father… life’s bitch
forgive me for the sin that I’m about to commit
Forgive me for the men that the hollow points hit
They will soon stand before you cause they didn’t repent
The souls of oppressors are the ones that I send
women, children and men, with the gun that I spent,
Sunday mornin cleaning tryin not to commit
to the righteous indignation taken root from within
The justice seekers, commandment keepers
racially profiled how the beast police us
chain and beat us, same when we was
entrapped, kidnapped, maimed and breeded
claimed and deeded, names deleted
lynched, whipped, fuck this aim and squeeze it
let it bang they bleedin for a gang of reasons
make’em all believers in the name of Jesus,
when I aim these heaters, flame releasers bullets lack names, addresses or pleaders, dodge and weave’em, hide and seek’em
while Pinckney preachin…yea that ought to teach’em
I can make it painless, I’m poetically dangerous
five rounds, 100 yards, check the minutes of angle
single inch grouper, Loophole user
you a hot rhyme spitter, Imma ACTIVE SHOOTER!

VS 3
its the world that I live in
can’t even trust the girls that I been in
shot of pussy might be a nigga end-in
germ warfare whoever said war fair
when my enemy use every tendency
every industry, just to get rid of me
when do we…adopt A-symmetry
show’em one thing publically
while the other team poisoning everything under-covertly
my queen so motherly, but I guarantee she will shoot ya shit up
told my family, kiss and keep ya chin up
cause when I leave my gate, shit could kick up
may be the last day they get to kiss us
cause the system is decidedly against us
the consensus, bullies on bitch shit, when you’re defenseless
ridin on my bike, prayin in a church, walkin home with skittles,
…listening to music with my peoples
are all men really created equal?
you shouldn’t give a fuck how they see you
man up and defend what you need to
I beseech you, stop being victims whenever you choose to
walk with the Ruger, or walk into ACTIVE SHOOTER



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