Racist Who Hate Don’t Get No Love: Black in the USA by Brothers Perspective Magazine

The USA  is the most racist colonial oppression outside of england on earth is in great defense of it oppression. Angry media and its oppressive benefactors of such a demonic mentality are taking the time to personally persecute any African on stolen land forced into Post Traumatic Syndrome  in the United States are in an uproar because the people they have oppressed don’t agree with the atrocities they institute towards the “Black” people they have oppressed.

Why so angry white europeans, why so sad that you can’t control peoples minds and continuously oppress people for speaking against your ratchet evil.

After years of tirelessly working to destroy the minds of stolen peoples, the time has come where the majority of the melanin rich original people of the planet  are fighting back and debunking fraudulent claims designed by colonial oppression worldwide. The negative stories that the anglo breed has fallen short and failed in all areas.

Maybe telling the truth about the reality we all live in and helping to create a more intelligent dialog will help to develop the minds of future generations. With over 400 years of working to destroy the minds, spirits and passion of melanin rich people nothing has stopped a powerful fighting spirit of the colored people of the world.

The people labeled as Black reluctantly and selflessly built and help to redesign Northern America after the euro stole the land from original indigenous people, whom they killed off  large populations in the process of stealing the land. Where is the love where is the respect, why such hatred because people don’t stand and salute a flag that has lynched, burned, lawfully murdered a great people.

The english, french and all europeans expect to gain love after exhibiting hate, what a sick twisted parallel or contradiction! This oppression carefully designs laws and a system that locks Black people up in a prison system for minor offenses creating wealth for the criminal justice system and  large private corporations. Black people spend years being hunted down by racist police in the USA,  a system that promotes racial violence.



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