The Black Puritans be all like: How Consenting Adults Fuck? written by Bro Diallo (

The Black Puritans be all like: How Consenting Adults Fuck? written by Bro Diallo  (


The Black Puritans be all like: Fuck Liberation, Fuck the Ecosystem, Fuck saving the Children, we gotta police how Consenting Adults Fuck.

Yall ever think that Multinational Corporations, the Imperialist Government, and the Global Media/Propaganda Apparatus have elevated the Gay Rights Movement for the sole purpose of getting all of these Reactionary Forces in a tizzy while making Liberals believe they have a real Social Justice cause for their Era?

I mean really; how has allowing the LGBTQs more exposure and openness in the society threatened the White, Racist, Capitalist Status Quo?

How has the Gay Rights Movement truly impacted the life of the masses of Black LGBTQs; they still poor, they still mass incarcerated, they still dying, they still under-resourced, they still Black in a White Aggressor society!

I’ve studied both sides of the argument, I had a strong bias towards the Black, Macho, Cis, Manly side of the argument, I wanted to caucus with my team, I really did, I gladly admit that, but both sides are full of shit.

No, acknowledging the humanity and rights of gays will not (did not) destroy the Black family, threaten heterosexual relationships/identity, nor will it bring down Civilization (although I wish it did bring down this Civilization, I support anything that will bring down Western Civilization).

Also, acknowledging the humanity and rights of gays will not make the society more open, just, equal, humane; or make the society less Racist, Ecocidal, Genocidal, or Omnicidal. (If you think being a persecuted LGBTQ will make one more empathetic to the plight of other oppressed groups just study the history of J. Edgar Hoover.)

Or better yet, look at societies that have been most progressive about LGBTQ Rights yet are still Racist as fuck, like Belgium & Sweden! Hell look at the list of the most “gay friendly” nations and they are some of the most Racist nations in the world! (…/what-are-the-10-most-gay-friendl…/)

I been saying for years that Black LGBTQs are being played by the Gay Rights Movement!

So, who really benifits from the Gay Right Movement? Its promoters and its detractors, it’s a win-win.

The promoters, like Obama’s controllers, Multinational Corporations, and Rich White Gay males benefit because they get a “Social Justice Movement” that will not force them to give up any of their Power, stolen Wealth, Imperialist Agendas, or Racism.

The detractors win cuz they get to rally their base around a false threat, garner massive amounts of resources and increase their standing while ignoring or neglecting real and persistent threats to their followers. They can also conflate, distract, and confuse issues like pedophilia, rape, sexism, and destruction of the Black family with homosexuality and Gay Rights, thus glossing over their failures to address real issues while blaming them on Red Herrings like homosexuality. This goes fro the Pork Chop Preachers and the Toxic Black Nationalist.

Oh, and look at all those African Heads of State who promise to save Africa from homosexuality while selling their nations off to the highest (White/Asian) bidders. SMH.

So, We the African Masses should recognize than anyone who’s trying to get us riled up about the activities of consenting adults are simply Master Manipulators, we need to stop being so reactionary and reserve our time and energy for real issues, real problems, and expend them on real solutions.


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