#DontForgiveThemLortForTheyKnowExactlyWTFTheyDo written by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)

#DontForgiveThemLortForTheyKnowExactlyWTFTheyDo written by Bro Diallo  (www.diallokenyatta.com)


Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that all current Black Obama supporters and Black Heelary voters are misinformed, misguided, or duped. Stop concluding that Blacks who embrace the Status Quo don’t understand what’s going on.

Many Black Democrats are as aware of the treason, Racism, and exploitation of the Democratic Party as we who reject the party; they just don’t give a fuck.

They know that the DNC reserves a few select slots for Negros, that they will elevate a select number of Blacks to hold prominent positions, that they will distribute many patronage jobs, grants, and appointments to their Black lackeys, and for these coveted Black Slots they deliberately and consciously sell the rest of us out.

Many Negro Elites know that they will get consideration from the Dems in power if the carry the line and promote the Democratic platform to the Black masses. From help with the IRS to overlooking their shady overseas holdings/investments. For these supports and aid the Negro Elites support the DNC in it’s maintenance of the oppressive and Racist US Status Quo, and aid the US Empire in its ongoing exploitation of Africa and Black nations.

So, you can call them all Coons, New Negros, Traitors, or Sell-Outs; but we have to realize that they Know What They Do, and they do it willingly and deliberately.

They are a Woke and Conscious as the rest of us, they may be even more so. We too often make the assumption that being Woke or Conscious means your will be motivated to do good, to take positive or Pro-Black action based on your “higher” understanding, but that’s just not the case. Many Woke and Conscious Blacks use what they know strictly for individual and personal gain, or to undermine our collective interests.

So there are many Woke (but treasonous) Black people out here. Stop thinking that the Culturally Conscious and Pro-Blacks are the only aware or Conscious Black people out here. Such assessments make us even more vulnerable to our oppressors and their Black allies.


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