Black men who overlook, excuse, rationalize, or play down the predatory behaviors! written by Bro Diallo (

Black men who overlook, excuse, rationalize, or play down the predatory behaviors!  written by Bro Diallo  (


Black men who overlook, excuse, rationalize, or play down the predatory behaviors of other Black men are as big a threat to Black women, children, and other Black men as those out here committing the actual crimes.

The same goes for these victim-blaming and victim-bashing Black men.

I don’t know or associate with these type of men in my life, I don’t tolerate there presence, but I encounter them almost every day on social media and it’s both enraging and frightening. I hate that I have to fear for the well-being of community members even when they are in the company of so-called Conscious Black men.

Many of these Black men have elaborate African names, their social media accounts are full of Black Nationalist Images, RBG art, and images of African Icons.

One of the main reasons I don’t delete or block these muthafuckas outright is because I have the hope that the women (and pro-women men) in their lives will come across their comments and become aware of their mentalities and beliefs and take actions.

I also seek to promote the New Negro Self Exposure Protocol (#NNSEP), which advocates for a more productive way of dealing with treasonous Blacks, or Blacks who undermine our collective best interest.

The NNSEP simply ask that we allow these individuals to articulate their toxic views; which is Self-Exposure. When they out themselves as New Negros, anti-Black, Sexist, Misogynist; we then get the word out to the larger community; we use their own words, not our view, not gossip, not hearsay, but their own direct and document words to indict them.

Then we begin a process of isolation and exclusion of New Negros from our lives, our organizations, and if possible from our communities.

Until we have our own Pan-African legal system, our own courts and the ability to lawfully impose sanctions this is the best underground means of defending ourselves from internal threats, it’s not the ultimate solution, but it can be effective if we stick to the protocol.

This isn’t just about protecting individuals, this is about building up our community. We have so many trust issues, if we establish means of building justice we will have more cohesion and more functional mass organizations.

All things are connected, and these clowns out here disrespecting Black women, excusing other victimizers, demeaning other Blacks in general are the foundation for larger acts of treason.

From the era of Chattel Slavery up to the Black Power Movement and beyond our collective progress has been subverted by the individuals I’m talking about here, even in Africa, many of the Africans who screamed “Africa Unite” the loudest imposed Western, Victorian, and Puritanical standards on African women and sold-out the anti-colonial struggle for personal riches.

We need to make a deliberate effort to attack these patterns of behavior, it will not fix itself.

We have to realize that the Uncle Toms of our era have embraced the African Aesthetic and Pro-Black terminology, but their basic mission remains the same: to uplift our oppressors while demeaning our people.



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