#NotOnMyWatch by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)

#NotOnMyWatch by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)


We need a #NotOnMyWatch pledge, certification, & pendant. This pledge means we will never simply witness another Black person have their civil & human rights violated while we stand aside and watch.

We only need one person to record, the rest of us need to intervene. We need to be willing risk being arrested or worse, in order to reduce these atrocities.

We are officially under a collective & existential threat when it comes to state sanctioned abuses & murders of Black people. The Jews in Nazi Germany started off being harassed & accosted by police & German citizen in the streets long before they built the death camps & started rounding them up. The US is following this same pattern, in more ways than one.

We better learn & act on the lessons of history.

Kofi Ademola Xola I know you & a few others have made a commitment to do more than witness atrocities & intervene. We need to formalize this, offer training, legal & financial support for this effort.

Most of the abuses and many of the murders could have been stopped if the Not on My Watch protocol was enacted.


written by Bro Diallo



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