Black Feminist? = #CognativeDissonance written by Bro Diallo (

Black Feminist  = #CognativeDissonance  written by Bro Diallo  (


Here are the real faces of Feminism, a CIA Agent & an International War Criminal. Black Feminist give legitimacy to such women that yelling “not real Feminist” cannot diminish.

Black Feminist try to run from the reality and outcomes of the Feminist Movement at the same time they aggressively embrace and defended it.#CognativeDissonance

Black Feminist also disrespect our ancestors like Ida B. Wells, Sojourner Truth, and Harriet Tubman by saddling them with the lable of Feminist, even though none of them ever self-identified as Feminist and spent their lives being hounded, disrespected, and subverted by White Women, evenSuffragist, Abolitionst, (proto)Feminist, and Liberal White women.

Heelary is a Feminist, who supported dropping bombs on poor Black women across the globe, who endorsed cutting welfare and health benifits to poor women across the nation, who supports allowing more and more women to serve on the front lines of US Imperialist wars.

It is irresponsible, if not treasonous for Black women to push Feminism within the Black community.

(Note: These topics tend to get me suspended off of Fb, so if I go silent over the next 30days or so, I’ll see yall later.)

Oh, and let me state this again: White women are oppressed, exploited, and subjugated by White men, but her freedom and empowerment is not tied to yours Black woman. White women understand this, but why can’t so many of our Sisters?

It’s just like Black men who joined the Unionist movement, or the Communist Party, we though joining with exploited White workers would elevated all workers, but the White workers, Unions, and even Communist parties were as Racist as the White Elites they fought against.

So, Black men and Black women have made the mistake of trying to graft themselves onto White “freedom” struggles only to be left in the dust when the concessions are handed out.

It’s just when I mock, criticize, or highlight Black male Integrationist I don’t get attacked or reported to the Fb Police, and the Feminist pretend that I only call them out on their contradictions.

OK; now I’m done. If you disagree with me, simply articulate your own point of view I never block or delete views and comments that go against my point as long as folks don’t threaten violence, or your can unfriend or block me. Stop this running to snitch to yah Digital Massa bullshit.


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