Audio: Conscious Leo -Nü Skool feat. Ashia-Vu & Eye

Unfortunately for me, we live within a period where, “Conscious” carries some questionable connotations. Fortunately, I’m often given an opportunity to break down just what that word means to me. My interpretation of being conscious simply means that one is aware of something. Whether its self-awareness or being able to recognize those around you. There’s also being able to see beyond you own perception into the reality that we all exist in, but that’s a conversation for another time.
I’ve never been a fan of the “Conscious Rapper” label. I’ve often felt like it serves as a divisive tool that puts certain voices inside of box, while alienating others. There are a lot of individuals who hold onto their belief that, positive messages exclusively equate to “Real Hip-Hop” and the Emcees that uphold that perception are the “Conscious Rappers”, while everyone else just isn’t. In my opinion, the person rapping about what goes on in their hood is just as conscious as the person rapping about changing it. I’ve always felt like balance was a key component to the culture of Hip-Hop, because how much is that “Positive” message is really worth without some sort of dichotomy? And if Hip-Hop is truly an art form, then what exactly is Art without creative freedom? ~ Leo

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