Nat Turner Is A Hero as Slavery is USA Reality: Message in Birth of A Nation By ML7102


Slavery is purist form of The United States of America’s history and its only true story besides killing native peoples who for the most part have been exterminated from existence only to exist as a watered down mixed breed version of their original selves! The USA is / was built off the labor and the death of others end of story. You can not and should not intervene between annihilation, massacres and genocide. It’s no such thing as a good colonial oppression!  People don’t want you to see Birth of a Nation because they love their oppression and they probably gain from this oppression, they don’t want you to hate your oppressor and revolt against this oppression!

The removal of a peoples culture and their lifestyles only to live through forced thought patterns and design is the only true institution that exists inside of this distorted fantasy many use as a description of living. When you use a movie as discord to discuss stories or a reason to deny opportunity you are living up to all the annihilation, massacres and genocide that created this fantastic reality.

Writing from the perspective of self love and the need to keep a revolutionary spirit alive inside a land of oppression, neglect, genocide and the deepest levels of hatred anyone can have towards another people. Go see Birth of a Nation a version of the Nat Turner story that carefully depicts Black love in a world that designed a system to enslave people and use them as property for eternity. If you are so inclined to also watch Ava Duvernay new Documentary on Netflix called 13th, which carefully deconstructs the conditioning and business of Black People as property inside the land of servitude.

When ever you take the time to judge a story or interrupt an ideology always work from the heart, mind and soul of the victim. Inside the story of slavery or the Nat Turner (Birth of a Nation) story be reminded that you must think from the mind of Black, Negro, Nigga, Slave people who are stolen and forced into a lifestyle that they have denied and to avoid ongoing death put up with the oppression of white (Dutch, Portuguese, English, Missionaries, French, Spanish etc…) people (land thieves) towards Indigenous earthlings or Africans of dark hue. Any person watching this entertainment based movie must use the mind of a people who have to be accept forced names, religion, poor food, forced breeding, rape, torture, terrorism, death, hate, negativity, torment and an ongoing cycle of  mental abuse that brings us back to the pre traumatic stress syndrome that all negro, blacks, chattel, 3/5’s and other negative analogies used to describe people with dark skin in the USA or we can just accept death!

So don’t just look at a movie or read a book or any form of the oppressors  (English, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Missionaries, Spanish etc…) entertainment from your eurocentric (white) view or from what you were trained to accept as your own thoughts. Are you truly happy from all the years of learning and knowing you are marginalized, praying to a contradictive religion and ruled by fake laws?

Take time to study the mind of oppressors, study the Germans who massacred as many as 105,000 Herero and Namaqua tribes people in what is known as Namibia years before the Jewish Holocaust. Learn the mentalities of the killers of populations of 12 million indigenous people of what you call the USA, study and learn why and what for? But also don’t ask a foolish question of why just know who!  Know of the likes of George Washington, Leopold of Belgium, Christopher Columbus and Andrew Jackson as perpetrators who are no different than J.W. Milam, Jason Van Dyke, British Kenya, Racist White Murders of Black Wall Street Tulsa, Oklahoma and George Zimmerman. You cannot separate actions and mentalities they are equal.

The message from any knowledge collected is to love your people and create as a collective with one purpose and that purpose is to deny, up rise and disassociate all formal dealings with colonial oppressors. Nat Turner’s story should teach that slavery is a way of life that you can only break free from by fighting by all means imaginable! It’s no such thing as a good colonial oppression!

by ML7102


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  1. good read


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