#RealReconizeReal written by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)

#RealReconizeReal written by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)


Deep feelings and strong beliefs are not a substitute for study and analysis.

There are a proper places and applications for both, there are even times when they align; but when your feelings and beliefs contradict the facts, you are in the realm of delusion.

So many movements, actions, and organizations fail or even worse are corrupted because they are driven strictly or predominately by beliefs and feelings; and devoid of any rationality.

Many are so far gone that they are even asserting that rationality is a “White thang” or “Eurocentric;” ignoring the long and unbroken history of Western Irrationality, Lunacy, Pseudo-Science, Theocracy, Delusions, and Racial Myths.

Our goals should not be to downplay, ignore, or even suppress our emotions, to become heartless automatons; we need to make sure our emotions serve us, provide us with guidance and clarity, not dominate us and drive us.

There is no inherent conflict between feelings and thought/rationality; many proven, verified, and established facts provoke very strong feelings in me, from Genocide to Ecocide. So we don’t have to pick one over the other, we simply need to return to balance and harmony. We need internal, psychological balance.


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