#DontRunInRio: Black Olympians written by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)

#DontRunInRioBlack Olympians written by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)


So, how much of the Black Pride generated Black Olympians will translate into Black Power generated by you inspired Black folks?

How much Gold won by Black individuals will translate into Wealth won by the Black collective?

Will the young Black Olympians who ran, jumped, flipped, and swam their way into our hearts return to an a nation where they are still under clear and present danger from the very authorities of the nation they have brought to so much status and bragging rights to?

We been on this Black First, Black Excellence, Pro Black shit for a century now, Black athletes have been demonstrating our physical and intellectual prowess to the world for over a century now…..and to what end? To what tangible outcomes?

Will we allow the New Negro` servants of the Systems of White Domination to further entrench the toxic ideology of individualism in our communities and convince us that our Black Elites don’t owe us shit, that we don’t’ owe shit to each other, that we are only obligated to our individual pursuit as we struggle under collective oppression and systematic genocide?

What’s the point of all of the #BlackGirlMagic, this #BlackExcellence, and collective pride and enthusiasm about Black folks winning Gold for the Red, White, and Blue if there’s no collective pay off for the rest of us?

My pride comes from boycotting the Olympics in solidarity with my African Brothers and Sisters who were murdered, displaced, and ignored in order to make the Rio Olympics happen, not in Black people donning the colors of Empire and boosting Western Nationalism. But that’s just me.

I’m done with baseless pride and empty Pro-Blackness, time to bring some real substance to our Struggles and our Unity.

“Black & proud: Irrelevant; I’m Black and intelligent.”

I’ll be glad when the Olympic pride fades, but we’ll be full of Ball Chasing pride from the NFL by then. SMH.


Diallo Kenyatta


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