Original vs. Fake: Internet Art Thief “Africa on My Mind” by Anonymous Black Art Lover

Original vs. Fake: Internet Art Thief “Africa on My Mind” by Anonymous Black Art Lover



White America has used the lost mind to carefully confuse people into thinking its okay to copy, clone, duplicate and BITE! It’s so common that all the modern day music, fashion and a general idea is not safe. Art has always been up for grabs in this dog eat dog mentality and the Black Artist is always at war in this regard.

We have Original Black Artist who are trained to study and know the history of African Culture, lifestyles and Black Peoples struggles  with white negativity and create from a place of love, peace and respect. On the other side we have the Fake Artist (of all descriptions) who never learned to do art from an original thought and most importantly never was into Black Culture or interested in the study of Africa until they see someone else’s original idea online! White peoples rules don’t protect black people from each other inside of governed genocide, internet scams, mass incarceration, poverty and an ongoing racial war, its sad to have to live in a miserable world that teaches unoriginal ideology.

This article would not have been created if the Original Artist did not have so many years of work, education, study and dedication towards their creations only to watch some Fake want to be pop / commercial creative (not a true artist) take it upon themselves to steal ideas, copy art for pay and carefully try to create their whole propaganda for gain, sounds a lot like the settlers and colonialist who invaded the world.

Moral of this story is don’t feed into fake Facebook artist who exist exclusively off of boost post, ads managers, fake promotional campaigns. Lets do some research and see who the original is and lets check the years the time the efforts, art series that Original Artist create from and stop following what you believe to be actual without any facts.

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