Diallo’s Conspricy Corner by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)

Diallo’s Conspricy Corner by Bro Diallo (www.diallokenyatta.com)


Listen yall, I know I already went over all this on the #BroDialloShow (plug); but that was before the Cubs won the (scripted and pre-negotiated) Regional Series (cuz the world didn’t participate, so how can it be a World Series).

So I’m just gon remind yall one more time; when White folks fly the double-u aka the dub; it don’t men what it means when Black folks do it, and it don’t mean win either!

That shit means White Power! That shit means White Domination! That shit means White Nationalism.

Yall remember when George W. Bush had the “W for President” logo, everyone (well not everyone, but some journalist were) was saying that it was a hidden White Nationalist symbol, and he was calling out to the Neo-Nazis and White Aggressors to join him in his new Crusades against Arabs, and the rest of the “sand and mud people of the world?”

That’s when thousands of 17 and 18 year old White Nationalist joined the US military, these are the same folks who are not filling the ranks of the local police departments!!!

Now, Trump and Heelary are making appeals to another generation of hired and inspired White soldiers for the American Empire, and the Cups are providing cover for them to fly the White Holy War Rally Flag!!!

No matter who wins the Election on the 8th, they will expand the Wars, and they will begin to further crush the rising Native America, Worker, and Black movements across the Nation, and they will need the inspired White masses to do this, so the “Dub must Fly!”

The White majority is under the impression that they have been losing, losing their country, losing wars, losing everything; so what better rally point than an American team (from the most segregated city in the nation) to win after the longest losing streak in sports history (don’t correct me on that, it’s really long if not the longest) to symbolize Whites winning again?

Plus, they won against the Indians!!! The very Race Whites defeated to get this System started in the first place!!!

Come on yall! You know this was all cooked up in the Illuminati Kitchen, using Reptilian Spices, and Masonic Grease all over Satanic Grill Fire!

That’s all I’m gon say on this, I’ve said too much already. I gotta get outta the conspiracy corer, it’s not safe to dwell here too long.

Just check out these symbols though and tell me I’m crazy..

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