Video: Alfred Banks – “A Beautiful Song” & “Bless You” (Prod by CZA) @alfredbanks @UnderDogCentral

Alfred Banks X UnderDogCentral


Description: This 2 part video “A Beautiful Song” & “Bless You” chronicles the pain and aftermath of Alfred Banks’ brother Orlandas Banks’ death after battling Schizophrenia. As Alfred prepares for the funeral, he writes a heartfelt letter & reminisces on all the good & bad times they shared.

Alfred plans to help shed a light on such a stigmatized topic in our society and reach out to others who are experiencing the same struggles everyday. This video will be followed by A 3 track EP titled “A Beautiful Prelude” set to be released on March 20th, 2016 in honor of the 2 year anniversary of his passing.

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